10 Most Dangerous Drivers on the Current NASCAR Sprint Cup Circuit

Ken ArmerSenior Writer IOctober 27, 2011

10 Most Dangerous Drivers on the Current NASCAR Sprint Cup Circuit

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    Auto racing is dangerous enough, as proven by recent events, but when the racing gets hard and tempers flare, an already dangerous sport becomes a powder keg of danger.

    NASCAR has had its share of aggressive drivers throughout its history, but the current lineup has possibly some of most aggressive and dangerous ever.

10. Martin Truex Jr.

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    Truex is young and aggressive, and when those two mix with lack of experience, you can have some dangerous moments. While Truex himself isn't truly a threat on the track, this moment in the video can raise the question.

    It was a crash that didn't need to happen, and almost seemed like Truex wasn't paying attention. Regardless, he earned a spot at the bottom of the list.

9. J.J. Yeley

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    Some of Yeley's mistakes remind me of a rookie. Problem is, he's been around a little while and should know better.

    He is a driver whose aggression and desire to win causes poor choices and dangerous crashes, to him and those around him.

8. Brad Keselowski

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    Keselowski could probably find a spot higher up, but in reflection he seems to be more on the receiving end than the dishing-out end.

    Danger follows Keselowski regardless, especially if Carl Edwards is around.

7. Jeff Gordon

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    Back in his youth, Jeff Gordon was not a man to mess with. His need to get to the front, coupled with his aggression, made him at times the most dangerous driver on the track.

    Luckily, his aggression got put in check with age and experience, but not before a dangerous crash involving fan favorite Dale Earnhardt.

    For better or worse, it's a crash I remember as a kid, and one that until recently had Gordon in the dislike pile of my opinion of NASCAR drivers. Experience has taught me that while Gordon was aggressive, the crash wasn't his fault.

6. Kurt Busch

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    I don't know that I would call Kurt exactly dangerous, but some of his crashes are downright jaw-dropping.

    He can be overly aggressive at times, and the attached video shows that with a little bad luck, someone, including Kurt himself, could be injured.

5. Juan Pablo Montoya

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    Montoya had great success in Formula 1, but sadly it hasn't carried over to NASCAR.

    In some races, Montoya reaches the boiling point it seems, and his emotions and temper run too high and poor choices follow.

    Tony Stewart and Montoya had a nice little feud for awhile, and while both drivers should have been more adult about it, Montoya seemed more dangerous about the feud.

4. Kevin Harvick

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    In our top five drivers, temper tantrums become a bit more common, much like Kevin Harvick's reactions to wrecks.

    Generally speaking, he isn't usually the cause, but once the cars come to a rest, the fists have a good likelihood to start flying.

    Harvick isn't afraid to speak his mind and won't back down, making him a bad guy to piss off.

3. Carl Edwards

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    Carl Edwards is a well-spoken, nice guy on camera, but once the helmet and gloves go on, he can become a one-man wrecking crew.

    Carl and Brad have been good competitors for some time, especially at the Nationwide level, but if you piss Carl off and are in front of him, you better hold on; he'll dump you like a mean ex-girlfriend.

2. Robby Gordon

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    Robby is a skilled driver in virtually anything with tires and a steering wheel, except for a stock car.

    He's another driver whose desire to get to the front gets in the way of making good decisions. Problem is, at times a good driver gets sacrificed for field position, as Joey Logano found out in 2009.

1. Kyle Busch

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    Kyle Busch cares about one person and only one person, that person being Kyle Busch.

    While that's pretty much enough said for Kyle, his temper tantrums are literally the most dangerous on the circuit today.

    He'll dump you for virtually no reason other than beating him, he will throw a fit outside of the car and even pick a fight outside of the car over nothing other than being beaten.

    It's a miracle Kyle hasn't seriously injured someone yet with his immature behavior.

    One thing is for sure though, he keeps the NASCAR executives busy.