4 NBA Teams That May Pursue Michael Redd During Free Agency

Karthik TadisinaSenior Writer IOctober 27, 2011

4 NBA Teams That May Pursue Michael Redd During Free Agency

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    Michael Redd, who has spent his entire NBA career as a member of the Milwaukee Bucks, is currently an unrestricted free agent. Entering his 12th NBA season, will Redd look to join a contender in order to pursue winning an NBA championship?

    The four teams listed in the following slides are expected to be contenders next season and may be looking to add a veteran shooter to their roster, amongst other players.

    So let’s see who these teams are!

Dallas Mavericks

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    How Likely: Possible

    The Mavericks at one point in time signed Michael Redd to an offer sheet, but the Bucks eventually matched the offer. Redd, a known three-point treat, is coming of two major knee surgeries and may need some more time to make a complete recovery from his injury.

    However if he can return to his previous form or fill the role of an experienced shooter, then it would really help the Mavericks solidify their bench in hopes of pursuing another NBA championship. With Peja Stojakovic and other players currently free agents, Redd may be a cheaper option that could fill a need for the Dallas Mavericks.

San Antonio Spurs

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    How Likely: Likely                             

    The Spurs are a team that is always looking to add “value” players to their roster. Remember adding players like Nazr Mohammed, Brent Barry and Nick Van Exel? Adding players that have established themselves in the league already and are free agents (looking to sign for or near the minimum amount) in order to pursue a NBA championship is always welcome in San Antonio.

    Would Michael Redd be open to the idea of joining a contender? Knowing Redd and being someone that wants to work hard, the Spurs would be a nice fit. It would also mean that the Spurs will look to move Richard Jefferson much harder.

Boston Celtics

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    How Likely: Maybe

    The Boston Celtics are another team that is looking to make a hard push at winning another NBA championship in 2011-12. Currently, with veterans Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce on the roster, the Celtics are always open to adding other veteran players that will increase their chances of winning.

    The Celtics have some holes in their roster and will be actively looking in free agency to add players to fill out their roster. After adding Troy Murphy, Carlos Arroyo and Sasha Pavlovic midseason in 2010-11 (these players turned out to be role players), the Celtics may look to add a player like Redd, who can start and come off the bench when needed.

    With the addition of Redd, the Celtics would be able to space the floor better and allow Rondo more options on the offense end of the floor.

Miami Heat

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    How Likely: Not Likely

    The Heat should be looking into adding role players, as it will help to play alongside Dwayne Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh. Since both Wade and James are almost always in the painted area, Redd could be ready to knock down open shots from the perimeter.

    However, since Mike Miller is already on the Heat roster and has a few years left on his contract, it seems unlikely that the team would add Redd. If the Heat can find a taker for Miller, then Redd may become a viable option assuming that he is looking to sign for or around the veterans' minimum, which will be determined once the collective bargaining agreement is completed.