Women of Wrestling: 10 Sexy Halloween Costumes from WWE and TNA

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIOctober 27, 2011

Women of Wrestling: 10 Sexy Halloween Costumes from WWE and TNA

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    Halloween is quickly approaching—and that means sugar comas, slasher flicks and the women of wrestling dressing up in scantily clad outfits.

    I would like to present you with ten sexy costumes worn by our favorite Divas and Knockouts of the wrestling world. We have seen many ladies in wrestling dress up in Halloween attire, but I believe I have chosen ten costumes that are not only sexy, but also fit the personalities of the women wearing them.


10. Tara the Witch

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    Number ten on my list is the very formidable Tara of TNA’s Knockout division. Although Tara is quite easy on the eyes, she is also one of the toughest and most successful female wrestlers of the last decade. What I enjoy most about Tara is that she is hard-working and was one of the women who helped revolutionize the Divas division when she was in the WWE (as Victoria).

    Tara dressing as a witch seems very appropriate. The costume is simplistic and cute, yet still makes her seem very domineering. When I think of Halloween symbols I think of ghosts, pumpkins and witches. When I think of great women’s wrestling I think of Trish Stratus, Lita and Tara.

    Sigh, if only she would put a spell on me…

9. Eve the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

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    We all know how talented Eve is in Jiu-Jitsu, so how appropriate is it that she dressed as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

    I may be hard on Eve sometimes, but it is only because I know she is talented. We have seen flashes of brilliance from her, but not consistent enough to be considered one of the best yet. Perhaps Master Splinter can help Eve find inner strength so she can one day recapture that elusive championship belt.

    She seems perfect as Raphael too. Her buddy Kelly Kelly would probably be Michelangelo.


8. Stacy Keibler the She-Devil

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    Stacy Keibler is absolutely sizzling. Some would describe the she-devil as being “Hotter than Hell.”

    The leggy blonde truly is considered one of the best-looking women to ever grace a ring in the world of wrestling. Maybe she was not the most talented in-ring performer, but she certainly was controversial and the fans enjoyed her presence.

    Today you can find Keibler’s face plastered all over the trashy magazines located near the cash register at your local grocery store. The possibility of her and George Clooney being together is apparently a big deal.

7. Velvet Sky as Rambo

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    The beautiful Velvet Sky is one of the talented wrestlers in TNA's Knockout division. In this picture you can clearly see her bullets shooting out. Also, similar to Rambo, she has her shirt off and that is a very good thing.

    Velvet is actually a fairly talented competitor and is a former Tag Team Champion. Like Rambo, she is a very determined young woman and will use whatever means necessary to move forward.

    If Rambo had Velvet Sky's booty he may have been able to negotiate with his enemies a little more peacefully.

6. Kelly Kelly the Lifeguard

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    Kelly Kelly is the all-American cover girl of the current WWE Divas division. Many of the people reading this right now would have no problem practicing CPR with Kelly Kelly.

    I have been very consistent in being critical of Kelly Kelly’s in-ring skills, but I readily agree that she is very attractive and marketable. The WWE has done well in pushing the young blonde. Hopefully the trainers can work with Kelly Kelly to “resuscitate” the fans interest in her matches.

    If Kelly Kelly ran the ropes in slow motion ala Baywatch would she still look foolish?

5. the Bella Twins as Batman and Robin

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    Who better to play the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin than the Bella Twins?

    Nikki and Brie Bella are WWE's twin model twosome. Both are highly profitable and are used in a lot of advertising and marketing campaigns involving the WWE merchandise and brand. Although they do compete in the ring, their biggest asset to the company is their ability to sell.

    I know I’d commit a few crimes just to have these ladies come down and capture me.

4. Mickie James as Lara Croft

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    Mickie James is that wonderful rare combination of beauty, brains and toughness. These same attributes can be used to describe the fictional Lara Croft character found in the “Tomb Raider” videogames, whom James is dressed as.

    In the last six years there may be no more accomplished female wrestler than Mickie James. She has won multiple titles in both the WWE and TNA’s Impact Wrestling. She is a blue collar girl who is rough, tough and still sexy.

    I know a few adventures me and Mickie could get into.

3. Trish Stratus as Wonder Woman

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    Trish Stratus really was “Wonder Woman” during her time at WWE. Truly, she could do it all.

    Trish is regarded as one of the greatest performers in women’s wrestling history. In the last fifteen years of wrestling, I cannot think of another woman more accomplished than Trish.

    Trish Stratus was both talented in the ring and absolutely gorgeous. Before she was a wrestler, she was a fitness model. The WWE has tried to turn models into great wrestlers many times, but Trish will always be the greatest example. She proved that you can be both beautiful AND a great wrestler.

    Would you be upset if she used her “Lasso of Truth” to tie you up?

2. Maryse the French Maid

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    I do not think there has been a more beautiful woman in wrestling than Maryse. I also do not think there is a more perfect costume than this for the French Canadian beauty.

    Maryse is currently out with an injury, and many Divas fans are hoping to see her back soon. She plays the heel persona perfectly with her arrogance and charisma, and I miss that on the WWE. It would be unwise to think of Maryse simply as a pretty face since she is also a very talented in-ring competitor as well.

    I would blow my house to pieces if it meant the opportunity to watch Maryse clean it up.

Melina as Spider-Woman

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    Perhaps my love of comic books is fueling this, but for me there is no better costume than Melina Perez dressing up as “Spider-Woman” of Marvel Comics.  The costume itself is just perfect. Who wouldn’t want to see Melina in skintight latex?

    Even though most Divas and Knockouts are beautiful, Melina is one of the few who can realistically pull off a comic book character. I say this because of how fantastical super heroes are drawn, especially female ones. Most female comic characters are drawn so provocatively that it is almost impossible to find someone in real life that fits those proportions.

    Melina Perez does.

    I do not think I appreciated Melina enough when she was with the WWE. Now that she is gone I realize how much I miss her flashy entrances and her unique move set in the ring. No one would argue that Melina was not drop dead gorgeous, but she was also a very capable competitor in the ring.

    Melina is a perfect combination of stunning beauty and superior in-ring talent. If she was in the WWE today it would be impossible to run this storyline of “pretty divas” vs. “strong divas” because Melina is both. Perhaps it’s telling that the WWE today has to split the Diva’s into categories of “beautiful” and “talented.” When Melina was with the company she proved on a daily basis that you could be gorgeous and still be one of the best wrestlers in the company.

    Since I dubbed Melina’s Spider-Woman costume as the sexiest, I decided to give the five time champion some props above.

    I would love to hear your reaction to my picks. Also, make sure to let me know who your favorite costumed Divas or Knockouts are. Unlike more serious pieces, there are no wrong answers for a list like this.

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    Thanks everyone and keep it Classic!