CC Ya Later!

Daniel DresnerCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2008

Seven-years, $160 million and off to the AL!

This is a Cubs fan's and hitter's dream. Milwaukee's trade for C.C. Sabathia was the only reason the Cubs were even challenged for the NL Central title in 2008.

By making the Sabathia's bank account as hefty as his belly, the Yanks have made the Cubs 2009 just a little bit easier. While never being able to beat the Cubs himself, Sabathia was a ringer that tore up just about everyone else in the NL.

With Sabathia out and Ben Sheets on his way. The Brewers represent a much lesser threat to a Cubs repeat as NL Central champs.

Both the Cardinals and the Astros have done little to make themselves contenders in 2009, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh are glorified AAA teams, and the once strong Brewers rotation reduced to nothing will have the Cubs looking at a potential 100 game win season.

Free agency is just getting started, but look for 2009 to be even bigger than 2008. Lets just hope they can keep it together in October.