NFL Week 8: Who Is Going to Spark the Most Conversation

Brandon Reiter@@thereitanswerCorrespondent IIOctober 27, 2011

NFL Week 8: Who Is Going to Spark the Most Conversation

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    Much like seemingly every other week of the NFL season, Week 7 saw many unexpected performances.

    That is the beauty of the league. The players with the most expectations can disappoint, whereas a slightly lesser known player explodes on to the scene.

    To coincide with this being being Week 8, here are eight players or team units that will spark the most discussion on Monday morning. That is not to say every discussion will be a positive one.

Honorable Mention: Carson Palmer

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    Carson Palmer is not playing Week 8 because the Raiders have a bye, but you still have to keep your eye on him.

    Palmer scared a lot of Raiders fans last week by having a horrendous start, throwing three interceptions in a 28-0 loss to the Chiefs

    Whoever had the argument, "He may be old, but I'm sure he'll lead this team to the playoffs," should be concerned. The truth is, the dude is old and did not play a lot of ball prior to his game last week.

    Week 8 is much needed week off for the Raiders, but it will still be interesting to see how the old man does in practice.

    He needs to earn the trust from his team and fans.

Philip Rivers

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    Philip Rivers had a decent, okay, horrible game versus the Jets last week and the Chargers lost a game they should have won.

    Rivers completed only half of his passes and threw two picks. He is not having his best season and he needs to step it up in order to give the Chargers any hopes for a successful season.

    The next game is on Monday night against the Chiefs. I know your thinking what I'm thinking: Chiefs vs. Chargers Monday night? I guess I'm watching How I Met Your Mother.

    But hey, you never know, it could turn out to be like the Ravens-Jaguars game.

Tim Tebow

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    Tim Tebow just wins. That is what he does.

    However, it took a miraculous comeback to beat a woeful Dolphins team last week.

    Tebow will have is first true test this week playing against a very tough Lions team. Don't expect a Broncos win, but do expect a great performance from Tebow.

    Week 8 can be a significant indicator as to how Tebow can compete in the NFL.

Josh Scobee

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    A kicker? I know, I know. But Josh Scobee is actually very talented.

    He nailed three 50-yard field goals on Monday night, including a game-winner versus the heavily favored Ravens. Scobee had more fantasy points than most QBs last week.

    Kickers, in general, are underrated.

    Scobee pretty much won the game for the Jags last week. If you can, turn on Jacksonville when they are in their own territory because anywhere inside the 50-yard line is Scobee's zone.

Christian Ponder

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    Christian Ponder certainly defied his critics last week. He showed he is the much better option to have at QB than the aging Donovan McNabb.

    Although Ponder completed a low percentage of his passes, he showed courage and was able to run with the ball.

    It will be a matchup of two rookies this week when the Vikings face off against the Panthers. It is a very winnable game for Minnesota.

    Ponder's performance will one of the things to watch out for and don't be surprised if he lights it up. Then again, don't be surprised to see the same thing from Cam Newton.

DeMarco Muray

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    The only thing bad about setting the Cowboys record for most rushing yards in a game is it can only downhill from here.

    Regardless, DeMarco Murray put on a show last week versus St. Louis. He was the entire highlight reel, with big run after big run.

    Dallas faces off against division rival Philadelphia Sunday night.

    This is the first chance for Murray to show if he can be a star. 

Nnamdi Asomugha and the Eagles Defense

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    The Philadelphia Eagles have had a pretty disappointing season.

    They did put an end to their four-game loosing streak, but it is up to their defense to make sure their latest win was not a fluke.

    Nnamdi Asomugha was the biggest name brought over this offseason. Of course, he was only one of a few big names to make the move to Philadelphia, earning the team the "The Dream Team" nickname.

    Asomugha has to show leadership and talent this week against the Cowboys in an extremely important Sunday night game in Philly.

    I am expecting a good competitive performance by the Eagles in an effort to put all of the haters to rest. if they don't execute, though, expect the media to tear them apart.

Joe Flacco and the Ravens' Offense

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    The Ravens defense was absolutely phenomenal last week versus the Jags.

    Their offense, however, was completely garbage.

    The offensive line was acting like they had no idea how to block, giving Joe Flacco no time to throw, and Ray Rice no room to run.

    When Flacco did have an opportunity, he wasn't even able to execute.

    They should be able to work out their kinks this week, verse a struggling Cardinals team.

Colts' Everything

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    OK, losing by 54 points isn't that bad....if you're bowling. But if you're an NFL team, regardless of who's injured, it is simply embarrassing.

    If the Colts do not step up to the plate sometime soon and show they can win a game without Peyton Manning, what you should expect is coaching changes, roster changes, media explosion, fan riots, organization shutdown.

    Okay, maybe not the last two, but still, you get my point. There is a lot that needs to be done on every aspect of the Colts game.

    There has not been one good thing about their season, except that they might get a backup QB in the draft.

    They're visiting Tennessee this week, a difficult, but not impossible game to win. A victory against the Titans would be a huge lift for this organization