This Week In Superstar Overview: Kelly Kelly

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIDecember 10, 2008

She is beautiful, gorgeous, and only 21 years old. Of course I am talking about the WWE's rising diva Kelly Kelly. She has had one of the best years for a WWE Diva, even getting nominated for best diva in the Slammy Awards.

But being 21 she has decided that the WWE is her home, but she will not be controlled by it. She was recently asked to be in the next Playboy issue around Wrestlemania time. Pretty much every single diva that is in the magazine becomes the No.1 diva in the WWE.

It never fails. Look at Candice Michelle, Maria, Ashley, Torrie Wilson, Sable, and others. All were No.1 diva for that year they were in the magazine. Sure Torrie Wilson may be gone, but before she left no one in the WWE was as popular, even the actual wrestlers.

Candice has been Women's Champion, and it looks like Maria could be closing in on the Diva's Championship. If Kelly Kelly were to do this it would guarantee success in the WWE for her.

But she turned it down, saying that she didn't think it would be right. I feel that she is most likely the next great diva in the WWE because of that. Sure Candice and others are great, but sooner or later they will be gone. Kelly is only 21.

By making her mark as a wrestler she will be remembered as a great diva not just a model or escort in the WWE, as many of the past divas have been known as.

She is the youngest diva in all the WWE, and even some of the developmental divas in FCW are older. She is most likely the next Torrie Wilson as far as I can see. But I also think she is a better wrestler than Torrie ever was.

Many of today's WWE Divas are getting trained to become better wrestlers rather than just eye candy. Kelly Kelly fits that perfectly, although she is a bit of eye candy herself.

Which makes her even more popular, pretty, and dangerous. She is so young and already successful, yet there is so much left to come. I'd say in a few years she will be the WWE's No.1 Diva.

She already has two non-title victories over the current Women's Champion, Beth Phoenix. And she is on RAW, the WWE flagship show. Which is Live every week. It seems as if the WWE trust Kelly to do a good job every week.

And that is high praise in any way you put it. When you are 21 on the flagship show and most likely in the running for the Women's Title, I think you may be doing well in the WWE as a diva.

As long as she keeps doing as she is now she will be great not just good. And what is so great is that she is sticking to her morals, and not doing Playboy or anything else she doesn't want to do. She is doing as she wants and being successful that way.

How can anyone not respect that?