Leave It to the New York Yankees to Overpay

John ReyesContributor IDecember 10, 2008

If the reports are true about C.C. Sabathia then the Yankees are overpaying. The reported deal pays him $160 million over seven years, a deal larger than the six years $140 million offered on the day free agency began.

It should also be mentioned that this is by far the biggest offer from any team reported by a wide margin. What this means is, even with all the economic issues around the country right now, the Yankees are still going to rub a huge contract in the biggest names face.

Let's face it, CC really preferred a West Coast team and that's his choice but, how can you blame the man for choosing the Yankees? He would have left so much money on the table to go west.

The problem I have with this is in a year where the stock for all free agents was supposed to be a little lower then usual, now it has just gotten raised to new heights in an already overpaid league.

This deal affects not only this year's free agents that remain unsigned, but for the future free agents to come. When the next ace becomes available, expect them to exceed this contract and eat up half the team's payroll. Who knows? Soon we may have a $200 million pitcher to go with that $200 million hitter.

The Yankees' antics of over spending has become somewhat of an afterthought since they haven't won a championship since 2000. I want to make it clear before it happens again that what they are doing is not right for baseball at all.

The history of the Yankees and New York alone should draw a free agent not just the size of their wallet. It's clear that with this contract C.C. Sabathia wasn't lured by the new stadium, Yankee history, or the New York crowd.

What he was lured by was the increasing chance that the Yankees were the only team willing to spend this much at this time.