Candace Crawford: The Hottest Pics Ever of Tony Romo's Wife

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIOctober 28, 2011

Candace Crawford: The Hottest Pics Ever of Tony Romo's Wife

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    While he may be the illustrious signal-caller for the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo has undeniably watched his spotlight dwindle since his marriage to former beauty queen Candice Crawford in 2009.

    The winner of the Miss Missouri USA competition in 2008, Crawford has seemingly taken the WAG world by storm with her breathtaking pictures and famous genes.

    NFL fans may welcome her with open arms, but the Dallas front office is undoubtedly petrified with the potential distraction.

    Jessica Simpson may have been the most obvious, but Candice Crawford may not be much better.

    Here are the hottest pics ever of Tony Romo's wife.


20. A Winning Smile

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    It was clear the former beauty queen would have plenty of opportunities to shine following her win at the Miss Missouri USA competition in 2008, but few could've predicted it would be on camera as a reporter for KDAF in Texas.

    While she is no longer working as an on-screen beauty, Candice Crawford still garners plenty of media attention.

    But with the illustrious wife of Tony Romo expecting a child, she'll undeniably take a break from any possible spotlight until she is ready to carry the load again.

19. Making a Name for Herself

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    While it includes former reporter and former American beauty queen, Candice Crawford's resume may take a back seat to her older brother's.

    Chace Crawford is known for his exhausting portrayal of Nate Archibald on Gossip Girl, making him arguably the better-known sibling.

    She's doing just fine on her own.

18. The Early Bloomer

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    While she did gain plenty of experience in college after working with the local NBC affiliate as a reporter and covering the Cowboys on the CBS show The Blitz, Crawford's exposure has only increased since getting together with her famous husband.

    Candice Crawford seemed destined for success, and the new glamorous figure in her life will certainly bring her to the top, whether his team is winning or not.

17. A Precious Engagement

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    While he is known for having broken up with Jessica Simpson one day before her 29th birthday back in July 2009, Tony Romo flipped the switch and proposed to his beauty-pagaent wife at her 24th birthday party, which took place at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant Five Sixty.

    With her weekly coverage of Cowboys games for the KDAF news station, it's safe to say she became a major distraction for the Cowboys' signal-caller. 

16. Not Your Typical Pagaent Queen

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    After she won the Miss Missouri USA competition in 2008, Crawford decided to try her hand on the national scene.

    She eventually competed in the Miss USA pageant and only finished in the top 10.

    Perhaps she forgot to discuss world peace as her goal.

15. Problem Not Solved

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    All it took was a year for Tony Romo to realize that this relationship was his future; this stunning reporter was meant for him.

    While Jessica Simpson may have allegedly been the illustrious jinx, Candice Crawford doesn't seem to be keeping her husband very focused, either.

    He may want to add a smoke-shaded visor to his helmet.

14. Confident in the Clutch

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    While he has had a statistically potent season so far from the quarterback position with 1,756 yards, 10 touchdowns and a 93.4 rating, Tony Romo's lack of clutch play continues to be dissected.

    Considering his beauty-queen wife already has a Miss Missouri title, perhaps it's time for Crawford to give her husband a lesson in handling crunch-time moments.

    This apparent swagger displays her confidence during the waning moments of a game.

13. An Eye for Beauty

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    While Tony Romo has dated the likes of Jessica Simpson, country singer Carrie Underwood and actress Sophia Bush, his new choice is by far the sexiest.

    Her glowing eyes and winning smile presents fans with the ultimate WAG.

    It's only a matter of time before she becomes immortal in the world of wives and girlfriends.

12. Made for the Camera

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    While she is known as Miss Missouri 2008 and as a reporter in Dallas, Texas, Candice Crawford is seemingly not far from a modeling career if she ever decides to give it a shot.

    Essentially flawless, for lack of a better word, Crawford was made for the camera and evidently doesn't shy away from attention.

    Her fans are certainly crossing their fingers.

11. Displaying Her Wild Side

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    As if her engaging eyes weren't enough, Candice Crawford seemingly likes to let her hair have some free time and present fans with iconic earrings that use a superfluous amount of diamonds to attract the camera.

    She had us at hello.

10. Product Placement

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    One can only imagine how much Planet Hollywood paid the Miss Missouri 2008 to stand in front of their establishment and present an authentic smile.

    Perhaps they cropped her in at the end.

    Either way, she seems pleased with the attention.

9. Swimming with the Fishes

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    While her husband is seemingly getting trampled by 300-pound lineman and ferocious linebackers, Candice Crawford is having fun with Dolphins and fishes in a pool of fun.

    After apparently hanging out with Kim Kardashian back when Miles Austin was part of the socialite's life, Crawford could undoubtedly start a reality television show with the advice she undeniably received from their small talk.

    But it would be all downhill from there.

8. Naturally Ready to Dominate

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    There is seemingly never a time when the beautiful Candice Crawford isn't perfectly dressed up, with makeup and hair fully intact.

    While we're not complaining, we're curious as to how she looks in the morning before her coffee gets brewed. 

    It's safe to assume she always looks this good.

7. The Best Getaway

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    It's safe to say this beautiful WAG wishes she had her illustrious crown on one fateful night back in 2007.

    Candice Crawford was arrested for underage possession of alcohol at a bar in Missouri and, evidently, made no run for it.

    If she had the crown she won the following year as a distraction, it could've been different.

6. Remembering the Good Old Days

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    After finishing high school, Crawford decided to attend the University of Missouri where she studied journalism and business.

    This would lead to a prolific career in reporting and an eventual entrance into the WAG world.

    She was undoubtedly the sexiest part of that campus during her tenure.

5. A Window of Opportunity

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    While it's unclear as to how exactly Crawford and her husband met, fans would undeniably like to assume that Romo spotted the host of the Dallas Cowboys sports show Special Edition across the field, through a jungle of burly lineman. 

    If he even saw a speck of her, that was enough.

4. Setting a Trend

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    While her passion is clearly in sports, Crawford also enjoyed covering other fields, considering her work for KDAF on the Up All Night segment regarding nightlife drinking spots in Dallas-Fort Worth.

    She also co-hosts The RC Project with Roni Proter about the latest trends, seemingly displaying her propensity for staying current with everything that is popular.

    Her child will undeniably be the fashion icon at school.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

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    As vivacious as she is, Candice Crawford wasn't always a pageant champion.

    She placed third runner-up in the Miss Texas Teen USA competitions she participated in (2003 and 2005) and placed first runner-up to Amber Seyer in the Miss Missouri USA 2007 pageant.

    Her experience paid off, as she won the following year. 

2. Swimsuit-Wearing Extraordinaire

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    Not only did she win the 2008 Miss Missouri title, but Crawford also received Special Achievement recognition in the Swimsuit category before representing Missouri in the Miss USA 2008 pageant.

    It's easy to see why the judges were swayed, given this beauty's breathtaking ability to wear a swimsuit. 

    Fans undeniably hope to see her in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, or possibly the ESPN Body Issue.

1. Home-Field Disadvantage

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    As a professional quarterback with a six-year, $67.4 million contract in place, fans expect Tony Romo to stay focused and avoid any beautiful distractions that may appear during the games, including the thought of his wife articulating his game from the press box.

    Perhaps the team should attach horse blinders to Romo's helmet because it's impossible for any human not to be distracted by this beauty.