WWE: 6 Reasons Why CM Punk Has Become an Elite Superstar

A.D. Christian VitaleCorrespondent IIOctober 27, 2011

WWE: 6 Reasons Why CM Punk Has Become an Elite Superstar

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    CM Punk has come a long way in the past year. CM Punk has gone from announcing, to being the leader of the New Nexus, to finally turning face this past summer.

    Today, we take a look at his rise to super stardom and list six reasons CM Punk has finally reached the level of Megastar.

    This slide show is based on current WWE storylines.

CM Punk Is No. 1 in Merchandise Sales

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    For five years, John Cena made more in sales then any other superstar.

    Ever since CM Punk's epic shoot, people have been hanging on the edge of their seats waiting to hear what he has to say. When CM Punk finally debuted new ring gear and clothes before Summerslam, the merchandise flew off the shelves.

    The fact that CM Punk knocked Cena off his thrown proved to the WWE that they have a new main event superstar.

CM Punk Has Fought With/Against Triple H

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    As you all know, Triple H is no longer a full time wrestler. As he has stated, he wants to wrestle as a special attraction. Let me bring you my point here.

    Triple H must consider wrestling with CM Punk to be a big enough reason to lace up his boots again. In 2011, Triple H has only been in three pay per view matches. (I am excluding Summerslam because he did not wrestle.)

    Of those three matches, CM Punk has been involved in two. The third match was against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. This really shows you the level CM Punk is on right now.

CM Punk Is the Anti-Hero WWE Needs

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    CM Punk can be compared to Stone Cold Steve Austin in a lot of ways. One of the most noticeable similarities is the fact they are both fighting "the man" of the WWE.

    They both say and do what they want, when they want to do it.

    People can relate to CM Punk and the struggles he goes through, which is why he is becoming successful.

CM Punk's Pipe Bombs

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    CM Punk is one of the few people in the WWE who has the total package. In-ring abilities, charisma and promo work.

    CM Punk's best ability is the ability to out-talk anyone. When he is doing a promo, fans are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to hear what he says next. Even against Kevin Nash, who was considered an amazing talker, Punk can do circles around him on the microphone.

    WWE has done a great job of giving as many opportunities as possible for CM Punk to talk. It is clear that they are very serious about backing his current push.

CM Punk's Matches End in Controversy

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    Much like with John Cena and Randy Orton, someone is always interfering in his pay-per-view matches. Don't believe me? Lets look at the past few pay-per-views:

    Money in the Bank: Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis

    Summerslam: Kevin Nash and Alberto Del Rio

    Night of Champions: Kevin Nash, Awesome Truth, John Laurinaitis

    Hell in a Cell: Awesome Truth

    Vengeance: Kevin Nash

    I know he has lost the past three matches, but the WWE wants to make sure his momentum doesn't suffer.

CM Punk Is in the Main Events

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    The fact that CM Punk has been in the main event scene ever since his shoot promo proves the WWE is serious about keeping him at the top.

    When Jeff Hardy was being pushed to the main event, he challenged for the strap over and over again until he finally won. People were so used to seeing Hardy in main events that they began to view him as a main event superstar.

    WWE needs to continue doing that with CM Punk.

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