Steve Nash and Steve Kerr: Rainmakers From Heaven?

joseph eastmondContributor IDecember 10, 2008

When it comes to making three-pointers, two names are synonymous with it; Steve Nash from Phoenix, and old Steve Kerr who was briefly on the Suns but more famous on the Chicago Bulls.

Steve Nash has made 1,280 of his 2,969 three-point attempts. That should put him in tenth on the All-time list just behind Mookie Blaylock by three, and Terry Porter by 17.

His percentage of .416 ranks him seventh all time in three-point field goal percentage. Steve Kerr however, with a percentage of .454 ranks first. His 726 for 1,599 won't rank him in the top 25 of three-pointers made, but his accuracy was to be rivaled.

Between the years of (88-03), he clustered up a whopping .454 three-point field goal percentage, the highest ever.

Will Nash break this percentage or will Kerr remain on top? Will Reggie Miller remain on top for most three-pointers made? Puzzled by the sensational clutch plays by Nash, I guess it's an unreasonably high request for an outstanding player. Sometimes it can still happen.