Is Jose Reyes the Next Rickey Henderson?

joseph eastmondContributor IDecember 9, 2008

Jose Reyes has been with the Mets his entire six-year career and already has 290 stolen bases. He became the first infielder to put up three straight seasons of 60 or more stolen bases since the current modern stolen base rule was set into effect in 1898. He led in stolen bases for three years straight.

In Rickey Henderson's first six seasons with the Athletics, he stolen 493 bases, which is only 203 more than Reyes. Henderson reached a total after his years in the MLB ('79-'03) a total of 1,406 stolen bases.
If Reyes continues this way, he could get as many stolen bases or more. Jose Reyes is still young has much energy still in him. He could probably reach 1,116 or more stolen bases before he retires.

Almost retired veteran Kenny Lofton throughout his magnificent career only mustered up 622 stolen bases and the second highest under Henderson is Lou Brock with 938 stolen bases. Most stolen base leaders get between 300 and 550 for their careers.

Saying it will be an easy feat? We cannot. Saying it is possible? We can.