WWE: Why Ted DiBiase Could Be the Next Intercontinental Champion

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Ever since he broke ties with Cody Rhodes a few months ago, Ted DiBiase has been scarce in both television appearances and PPV matches. 

He first broke into WWE when he and Cody Rhodes betrayed Bob Holly and took the tag titles from him. He then joined up with Randy Orton and formed the group Legacy, which ran roughshod over Raw for a time.

After the demise of Legacy, he was paired with Maryse in a jealous lover storyline which saw him briefly feud with Goldust over the million-dollar championship.

After that storyline went nowhere, he was moved to SmackDown where he sort of sat in suspended animation until being paired up with Cody Rhodes again. He was booked to beat Rhodes and get over the same way Alex Riley had with Miz.

It soon became clear Ted DiBiase was not the focal point of the feud, and Cody Rhodes ended up getting over more.

Now DiBiase is sort of waiting in the wings for his shot, and I think that shot will come soon for a few reasons.

With Cody Rhodes improving over the past year and also having some higher-profile feuds, it looks as if WWE may choose to move him into the world title picture soon. This could leave a void big enough for Ted DiBiase to fill as IC champion.

Putting the title on him would be a good way to judge his long-term potential in the company as a singles star. It is also possible Ted DiBiase could become more popular with the title as a babyface.

My hope is to see DiBiase and Rhodes go at it over the belt at the Royal Rumble and then have Cody win the rumble after losing the IC Title.

No one can deny DiBiase's talent in the ring, but his charisma is a little to be desired. Putting the IC title on him won't change that, but it could give him more of a chance to get over for his in-ring ability.

Too often these days wrestlers who can't give amazing promos are pushed to the side despite how gifted they may be in the ring.

I am a fan of DiBiase for many reasons, but if WWE does not do something with him soon, he may end up the next person to be wished luck in their future endeavors.

What do you think? Could DiBiase be the next Intercontinental champion, or is he destined to be a wasted talent?

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