New York Giants' Running Back Tells Troy Aikmen Off!

joseph eastmondContributor IDecember 9, 2008

When the Giants were onset to play the Ravens, Aikman was on a CBS Sports show and said that this week the Giants should bench Brandon Jacobs and their running game.

Yet Jacobs scored two early rushing touchdowns on their way to a 30-10 rout over the Ravens. Bewilderment aside, what was Aikman thinking after his display during that game? He was sure that Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis was going to end Jacobs' running chances.

"I don’t care how big his size is, football is football" -Jacob said before the Ravens game that Sunday.

Jacobs boldly stated no fear of Lewis and went on to carry his words to a victory. Although Ahmad Bradshaw was the star of the game, you can't neglect the fact that the Giants' running game was stonewalled three weeks ago against Pittsburgh. It certainly was a stellar defensive team that created about five sacks and a retake of the lead and a victory.

Not just was Aikman probably stunned, but so were the Raven's defensive players.

“It showed them that they could run the ball,” Pryce said. “When you do that against our defense, you have some confidence. It makes things easier. The way it happened was a fluke when had him, but he bounced and went all the way to the other side. You don’t think that a big back can run that fast, but he does.”

I guess you can say the Giants running game is always full of surprises.