Week 15 Predictions: Fishing at Sea for 'Hawks

Joe KleiberCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2008

It's fantasy playoff time, and that means playing the matchups to victory. It means deciding on sitting your studs in tough matchups or gambling on some tasty matchups. The question is can you really sit a guy who carried you to the playoffs because of a bad matchup?

The answer is yes, and the waiver-wire is the perfect place to find these matchups. After last week's poor showing of Tony Romo and the Cowboys against the Steelers, people are shaking their heads for playing Romo.

The lesson that was learned is to sit your studs against the top defenses such as the Steelers and Ravens. The weather is also becomes a factor. Checking the weather before a game is the key between being eliminated or moving on. Most of the Cowboys and Steelers did not perform well, because of great defense and frigid conditions.

The first thing people thought of before New England's Week 14 game against the Matt Hasselbeck-less Seahawks was to sit your Seahawks. Since Seattle's been struggling so badly, nobody wanted to risk playing any of them without their leader, Matt Hasselbeck. Mike Holmgren had some tricks up his sleeve and proved everybody wrong.

In fact, the Seahawks almost pulled off the upset and barely lost 24-21. Deion Branch brought his fantasy relevance back to life after snagging four catches for 88 yards and two eye-popping touchdown catches. Lots of people who bet on the Pats against the spread were very angry that they didn't cover.

After last week's showing, the Seahawks can have an encore performance against the worst team in the NFL not named the Detroit Lions, the St. Louis Rams. The Rams have given up some of the best fantasy performances of the year, and you have to check the waiver-wire for some Seahawks this week.

Hurting at quarterback? Try out Seneca Wallace, who had a great game last week by passing for 212 yards and three TDs, while rushing for 47 yards. Wallace should post similar numbers this week against the hapless Rams defense.

Hurting at running back? Try out Maurice Morris, who didn't have a great game last week, but started and should be active in the running and passing game this week. Need a third wide receiver or flex option? Pick up Deion Branch, who should build on his stats last week and make people forget about his injury-plagued season.

If John Carlson is available in your league, grab him if you don't have a top tight-end such as Tony Gonzalez or Jason Witten. Every other tight-end has been inconsistent this season, so gamble on Carlson. Have confidence in the Seahawks this week and hope they can deliver.

Thursday game: NO@CHI Prediction: NO 28 CHI 30

This should be a fun game to watch for once on Thursday Night Football. This has the makings of a fantasy owner's dream, because both defenses have struggled with injuries and stopping teams this season.

People continue to forget about Pierre Thomas and leave him on their bench (me included). All he's done lately is rush for four TDs the last four games and rush for 311 yards, despite two of those games with Reggie Bush back and finally healthy. Thomas has also caught nine balls for 117 yards and two TDs. Thomas should be active in all your lineups and play all Saints and Bears this week.

Boom: All Saints and Bears-This will be a shoot-out and unless the weather gets messy, you have to play all your key Saints and Bears that have brought you this far.

Bust: Nobody-Again, since this should be a shoot-out, you can't sit any of four key Saints or Bears players.

Sunday games: DET@IND Prediction: DET 10 IND 38

After not being able to put away the Vikings, despite constantly being inside the red zone, the Lions will continue their journey towards a winless season. Now Daunte Culpepper may not even play after being injured last week, so you can only count on two  Lions: Kevin Smith and Calvin Johnson.

Boom: All Colts-After finally blowing somebody out last week, the Colts should feast on the winless Lions. Despite most of the Colts not living up to expectations and some injuries, you have to stick with them this week.

Joseph Addai has been in and out of games lately, but unless he's uncertain to play, you have to play him. Even play Dominic Rhodes, because he'll get some garbage-time carries. Play all of your Colts, even the defense and watch them roll.

Calvin Johnson and Kevin Smith-Despite the Lions pathetic season, Johnson and Smith have been consistent lately and the Colts defense isn't dominant. Johnson should never be benched even if the Lions have a fourth-string QB throwing to him, because he'll get his yards somehow.

Smith has been a pleasant surprise this season and is involved in the passing game as well. Even against the Vikings Williams wall last week, Smith still rushed for 63 yards and had 2 catches for 27 yards. Play them both. Prediction: Johnson: 5 catches 90 yards1 td Smith: 76 rushing yds 5 catches 40 yds

Bust: Any Lion besides them-Obviously, you know by now not to play any Lion besides Smith and Johnson or else you're probably not in the playoffs.

TEN@HOU Prediction: TEN 28 HOU 23

The Titans have clinched the AFC South, but still have to play for the No. 1 seed. The Steelers are only two games back, so the Titans have plenty to play for. Play all your Titans and start most of your Texans.

The Texans are one of the most surprising and explosive offenses in the league lately, so you should start your studs, like Steve Slaton and Andre Johnson, but be cautious on any other Texan.

Boom: All Titans-The Texans defense is nothing to write home about, so the Titans should have no problems scoring in this one. After seeing the Texans have three turnovers last week, the Titans' defense should deliver. Chris Johnson continues his incredible rookie season and will be counted on for big-time stats.

Steve Slaton-Slaton should never be benched at this point, and the Titans are only seventh against the run. They are much better against the pass, so expect Slaton to be involved heavily. Prediction: 80 rushing yds 1 td 4 catches 40 yds

Owen Daniels-Daniels will be counted on in the short-route passing attack since the Titans are so good against the deep ball. Expect Daniels to get back into the game-plan after catching six balls for 65 yds last week. Prediction: 5 catches 50 yds 1 td

Bust: Matt Schaub- Schaub should still be started if you don't have a capable back-up, but don't expect another 400 yard game this week against one of the top pass-defenses in the NFL. Prediction: 250 passing yds 1 td 2 ints

Andre Johnson and Kevin Walter-you should still probably start them since they've been on a roll, but don't expect great stats against the Titans Pro-Bowl caliber cornerbacks. Prediction: Johnson: 4 catches 60 yds Walter: 3 catches 30 yds

SEA@STL Prediction: SEA 28 STL 21

The Seahawks can be trusted after last week's revival against the Pats. I'd play all Seahawks besides Julius Jones, who's found himself in yet another dog-house in Mike Holgrem's.

The only Ram I would trust would be Steven Jackson, because they've been the most inconsistent offense in the NFL. They can't protect Marc Bulger and Bulger keeps other teams in the game by turning the ball over at will.

Jackson should have a monster game against an injured and weak Seattle defense.

Boom: Deion Branch-Branch woke up last week and become an important part of the passing attack again. Seneca Wallace looked in his direction often and Branch made some astounding catches. Play Branch as a WR3 or flex this week. Prediction: 6 catches 90 yds 1 td

John Carlson-In a year where tight-ends have struggled to stay consistent, Carlson has delivered at will lately. He's been involved in the passing scheme and should be started in all leagues unless you have Tony Gonzalez or Jason Witten. Prediction: 7 catches 80 yds 1 td

Steven Jackson-The Seahawks struggle against the run and Jackson should get a lot of touches this week. If Jackson doesn't go off this week, he won't be relied on the rest of the year. Prediction: 120 rushing yds 1 td 5 catches 40 yds 1 td

Bust: Any Ram besides Jackson-You simply can't rely on any other Ram at this point and unless you're desperate; you can't play Donnie Avery or Torry Holt. They have been too up and down to be counted on.


Raise your hand if you want to watch this snooze-fest. This game is between an injury-plagued Redskins team that is seeing their playoff hopes fade every week and the one-win Bengals team that has been atrocious to watch.

Clinton Portis should be back and the 'Skins should give the Bengals a healthy-dose this week. It's tough to rely on any other Redskin this week, even Chris Cooley who only had one catch last week.

It seems that with all the Redskins' O-line problems, Cooley is kept back to block. The only Bengal to trust is T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who is playing for a rich contract next year.

Boom: Clinton Portis-Coach Jim Zorn claimed he kept Portis out in the second-half last week, because Betts practiced all week. This week, Portis should practice and be back to his old self with a big game.

Even though Portis and Zorn have clashed lately, Portis should leave his talking to the playing field. Prediction:110 rushing yds 2 tds 3 catches 40 yds

T.J. Houshmandzadeh-T.J. has been consistent, especially in PPR leagues and shouldn't have many problems against an overrated Redskins defense that saw the Ravens have their way in the second-half. Prediction: 8 catches 90 yds 1 td

Bust: Any other Bengal-Nobody else besides T.J. can be trusted, and I'd be skeptical about the other Redskins aside from Portis.

BUF@NYJ- Prediction: BUF 17 NYJ 21

With the Jets recent games, that will put an end to an all New York Super Bowl momentarily. Both defenses have struggled lately and after watching the 49ers have their way without Frank Gore in the second half last week, you have to start most of your Bills.

I expect a close game, especially if Trent Edwards returns this week. The Jets secondary is having major problems and if you have Edwards, I'd start him unless he doesn't play. I'd still play the Jets defense, but beware of their struggles lately. This is a must-win for the Jets so they have to be on their game.

The Bills will do everything they can to stay in the hunt, even if they are basically out of it.

Boom: Thomas Jones-In recent weeks, Jones has been the only Jet to be counted on. Dustin Keller is having a nice rookie season, but even he was invisible last week. The Jets should get back to doing what they do best, and that is running the ball. Jones is having a monster season and there's no reason to sit him here. Prediction: 95 rushing yds 2 tds 3 catches 30 yds

Dustin Keller-Keller wasn't involved last week, but that's because the Jets couldn't get anything going last week. Expect Favre to throw to Keller again and often. He's been consistent aside from last week's goose egg from Favre and the Jets. Prediction: 6 catches 60 yds 1 td

Lee Evans-The Jets have seen receivers have their way in recent weeks and even though Evans didn't come through last week, he should get back on track if Edwards plays. Prediction: 7 catches 80 yds 1 td

Trent Edwards-Teams have been attacking the Jets via the air lately, so expect Edwards to have a decent game if he's able to return. Shaun Hill looked like Joe Montana last week, so Edwards should have no problems this week. Prediction: 300 passing yds 2 tds 1 int

Bust: Brett Favre, Jericho Cotchery, and Laveranues Coles-Favre cannot be trusted right now, unless you don't have a better backup. He's too hit-or-miss and if he's off, the Jets receivers are off. I wouldn't count on any of them right now. Prediction: Favre: 230 passing yds 1 td 1 int Cotchery: 4 catches 50 yds Coles:3 catches 35 yds

Marshawn Lynch-The Jets have been much better against the run this year with Kris Jenkins plugging the middle. Despite recent hiccups on defense, the Jets will be focused on stopping Lynch this week and Lynch has not been consistent lately. Prediction: 50 rushing yds 3 catches  30 yds

SF@MIA Prediction: SF 17 MIA 21

The 49ers have been playing with a lot of fire lately and Mike Singletary has this team playing well. They upset the Jets last week and will look to play spoiler this week. The Dolphins haven't had many blow-outs this year and have played better on the road than at home.

I expect a close game with the Dolphins winning late. The Dolphins are aiming for a playoff game so they can't look past the Niners this week. The status of Frank Gore will have an impact on the game, because his back-up is DeShaun Foster and we all know Foster isn't anything special.

Gore left the game in the first half last week and his status for week 15 is in question, even though x-rays came back negative.

Boom: Ronnie Brown- Brown hasn't lived up to his hype after that crazy game against the Pats early on, but he's still reliable. The Dolphins love to run the ball and the 49ers have been better against the pass lately. I'd play Brown here with confidence. Prediction: 80 rushing yds 1 td 4 catches 30 yds

Chad Pennington-Despite the Niners playing well recently against the pass, you still have to play Chad. He's helped resurrect Miami this year and should be in for a nice game. Prediction: 290 passing yds 2 td 1 int

Shaun Hill-Hill is playing for his job for next year and is playing well lately. The Dolphins are ranked 21st against the pass, so look for the Niners to air it out, especially if Gore doesn't play. Prediction: 300 passing yds 2 tds 2 ints

Issac Bruce-Since Hill will likely chuck it 30 times this week, Bruce will be involved. He looked like his old self last week and will take advantage of a weak Miami secondary. Prediction: 6 catches 75 yds 1 td

Bust: Frank Gore (if he plays)-Miami's been much better against the run with their 11th ranked defense. Throw in the fact that Gore may or may not play this week and you'll be disappointed. If he plays: Prediction: 60 rushing yds 4 catches 30 yds

Ted Ginn Jr.-Ginn has been widely inconsistent lately and can't be counted on in the playoffs. Leave him on the bench. 3 catches 40 yds

SD@KC Prediction: SD 27 KC 24

Don't be fooled by the Chargers last week, because the Raiders lost JaMarcus Russell early and could not get anything going. It's still hard to trust the Chargers, because they are en enigma.

I'd still start all your studs, like L.T., Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates, but anybody else is still a question mark. Sure, Vincent Jackson broke out of his mini-slump with a big week, but can you trust him in the playoffs?

I'm not so sure.

I'd play Tyler Thigpen, Tony Gonzalez and Dwayne Bowe, but after seeing Larry Johnson lay a goose egg last week, I'm not sure I'd play him if I had better options.

Boom: Philip Rivers, L.T. and Antonio Gates-Rivers is having an outstanding season and the Chiefs secondary has been awful this year. L.T. should have his regular good, but not spectacular game, like his season and Gates should be involved all game.

The Chargers did not need Gates last week, but they are seeing a better offense this week, so they'll have to keep up. Prediction: Rivers: 298 passing yds 2 tds 1 int LT:  98 rushing yds 1 td 3 catches 30 yds Gates: 6 catches 70 yds 1 td

Tyler Thigpen, Dwayne Bowe and Tony Gonzalez-Thigpen hasn't been great lately, but the Chargers secondary hasn't either. Thigpen should go off this week. Bowe is an every-week starter and should take advantage of the Chargers' weak secondary. Gonzalez is always good for a great game. Predictions: Thigpen 300 passing yds 2 tds 1 int Bowe: 5 catches 90 yds 1 td Gonzalez 6 catches 100 yds 1 td

Bust: Chargers defense-You may think about playing them after seeing them destroy the Raiders last week, but the Raiders have no play-makers. The Chiefs do and I'd stay away from the Chargers defense on the road in a tough environment.Prediction: 1 int 1 fr 24 PA 2 sacks

TB@ATL Prediction: TB 17 ATL 21

What happened to the Bucs' defense? The Panthers shred through the Bucs on the ground and through the air. The Bucs also struggle on the road and will go up against an up-and-coming Falcons team that is also playing for a playoff spot. I'd play all Bucs and all Falcons but would think about sitting both defenses after Monday night's shoot-out.

Boom: All Bucs and Falcons-Antonio Bryant had a career game with over 200 receiving yds and two TDs on Monday night, so he's a must-start this week. Garcia should be good for a few TDs against a weak Falcons secondary.

Warrick Dunn is going to try and stick it to his former team after dropping a bunch of passes on Monday night and not being involved much. Dunn has seen his carries split with Carnell Williams, but he should still be started. Play all your regular Falcons (Matt Ryan, Roddy White, and Michael Turner).

Bust: Both defenses-I'd sit the Bucs defense after the Panthers exploded on Monday night. The Falcons have a similar attack and can get to this defense. Predictions: Tampa Bay: 1 int 2 sacks 21 PA Atlanta: 1 sack, 1 fr 17 PA

GB@JAX Prediction: GB 27 JAX 24

This is a game between two teams with lost seasons. The Packers got off to a good start, but injuries to the defense have derailed their train to the playoffs. The Jaguars have struggled all year, but going up against an injury-plagued pack defense, I'd start most of my Jags.

The one guy to drop is Matt Jones, whose three-game suspension was upheld.

Boom: All Packers and David Garrard, Maurice Jones-Drew, Fred Taylor

I would only play the Packers defense, because the Jags have been prone to turnovers and the Packers live on them. Aaron Rodgers, Ryan Grant, Greg Jennings and Donald Driver will light it up this week.

I'd even start Donald Lee as a sleeper, because he's starting to get more targets in the red-zone. Garrard should have a fine game after seeing Matt Schaub put up over 400 yards last week. MJD should have a great game, because the Packers struggle against the run and Taylor should only be started in deep leagues.

Bust: Nobody-I wouldn't sit anybody in this game. These teams have played in shoot-outs most of the season so there's no reason to sit any of the main studs. Garrard has been a little inconsistent, but he'll give the Packers defense trouble with his arm and his legs.

MIN@AZ Prediction: MIN 21 AZ 24

This should be a close and evenly-matched game, but it depends if Gus Frerotte plays, because Tarvaris Jackson is not the answer. Neither defense has been playing all that well, and the suspensions of the Williams brick wall should open things up for the Cardinals offense.

The Vikings were lucky to come away with a victory last week, and I don't see them doing the same this week. The Cardinals still have plenty to play for, even though they clinched the division.

Boom: All Cardinals and Adrian Peterson-I'd stay away from the Vikings defense this week, because of the potential loss of the Williams tandem. Play all your Cardinals and I'd only trust Adrian Peterson on the Vikings.

Bust: Bernard Berrian-Because of the possibility of Tarvaris Jackson starting, you have to sit Berrian here. Berrian is way too inconsistent to be anything other than a low-end WR3 or flex this week. The Cardinals' defense is much better at home, and I'd sit Berrian this week. Prediction: 2 catches 30 yds

NE@OAK Prediction: NE 28 OAK 10

The Patriots won't make the same mistake this week as they did last week against the Seahawks. Oakland's offense is such a mess that I wouldn't play any Raider this week or for the playoffs. Matt Cassel should have his way this week, and I'd start all my Pats.

Boom: All Pats-Start Matt Cassel, Randy Moss, and Wes Welker for sure, and I'd play Sammy Morris and Kevin Faulk as well. Morris had a good game last week and the Raiders defense is awful.

Bust: All Raiders-How this team goes from upsetting the Broncos two weeks ago to two straight losses to the Chiefs and Chargers is beyond me. They either show up or don't show up at all so you can't count on any Raider in the playoffs.

DEN@CAR Prediction: DEN 21 CAR 27

Carolina might have distanced itself from the rest of the pack in the NFC South. The way they handled Tampa Bay's defense was remarkable and their two-headed monster of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart was surprising.

You have to play all your Panthers and all your Broncos on offense aside from their injured backfield, leaving them with Tatum Bell.

Bell played well last week and Selvin Young can never stay healthy so if you have to gamble on a RB this week, Bell could have a decent week. I think Cutler will throw the ball at least 40 times so Bell's no guarantee for carries.

You can't use Denver's defense, but Cutler turns the ball over at least once or twice a game, so Carolina's defense should be fine. Steve Smith has to be licking his chops, especially if Champ Bailey is still out.

Boom: All Panthers and Jay Cutler, Eddie Royal and Brandon Marshall-You have to play all your stud Panthers against this battered defense. Delhomme should be good for at least one or two scores and the Williams/Stewart duo should carry the Panthers to a smooth victory. Cutler should throw often so he'll post good stats and Carolina just gave up over 200 receiving yards to Antonio Bryant, so Royal and Marshall should thrive. Predictions: Cutler: 320 passing yds 3 tds 2 ints Royal: 5 catches 70 yds 1 td Marshall: 9 catches 120 yds 2 tds

Bust: Nobody-You should never start Denver's defense anyway and Carolina's defense should be good for a few turnovers and sacks. This has the makings of a shoot-out though.

PITT@BAL Prediction: PIT 17 BAL 14

The Steelers did not play well for three quarters last week but completely turned the tables in the fourth quarter and knocked Tony Romo and the Cowboys with a pick six for the knock-out punch.

Baltimore had their way with the Redskins injured and reeling offense last week. Use both defenses here and any other offensive player is a question mark, because of these great defenses.

Boom: Ravens and Steelers defenses-It's going to be a low-scoring game with a likely field goal to decide it in the final minutes. There will be turnovers and sacks. Big Ben may be running for his life after barely surviving against DeMarcus Ware and the Cowboys fierce pass rush.

The Steelers offensive-line is shaky already, so it's going to be tough to protect Ben and the running game. On the other side, Joe Flacco is going to have his hands full against the top defense in the NFL. I'd be confident in using both defenses, but I'd worry about the offensive players. Predictions: Ravens d: 4 sacks 2 ints 17 PA Steelers d: 4 sacks 3 ints 14 PA

Hines Ward-Ward always shows up in big games and this is another huge game for the Steelers. The Steelers may be forced to throw, because they won't find much running room against the Ray Lewis and company. Ward will get his stats, even if it won't be easy. Prediction: 6 catches 75 yds 1 td

Heath Miller-Miller played well last week against Dallas and was Big Ben's security blanket. I see him having a similar week, because the Ravens pass rush is even scarier than the Cowboys'. Prediction: 5 catches 50 yds 1 td

Todd Heap-Similar to Heath Miller's case above, Heap will be targeted often by Flacco as he tries to beat the Steelers with short passes, because they are rarely beat deep. Prediction: 5 catches 75 yds 1 td

Bust: Willie Parker/Mewelde Moore-The Ravens are one of those defenses that you have to sit your RB against. They are ranked third against the run and are like an immovable object in the red zone. How the Giants were able to attack this defense was amazing. Predictions: Parker: 40 rushing yds 3 catches 20 yds Moore: 30 rushing yds 4 catches 30 yds

Le'Ron McClain-McClain has been the lead running back for the Ravens lately, but you have to sit him against the top run defense in the NFL.

NYG@DAL Prediction: NYG 17 DAL 21

Dallas needs this game more than the Giants and will be looking for payback after they got knocked around last time. Last time was different though, Tony Romo was out and Brad Johnson looked like a little league QB. Romo will exact revenge and play well after throwing the game away against Pittsburgh last week.

The Giants are a little banged up with Brandon Jacobs hurt and probably out for the game. Eli Manning and the Giants receivers did not play well last week and people are wondering whether the Giants really do miss Plaxico Burress.

The fact is Burress was a knucklehead for doing what he did, but the Giants will miss him come playoff time, because who else is going to draw the double teams and make the catches in crunch time? Nobody knows.

Boom: Tony Romo-Romo is going to be very fired up for this game and if Marion Barber doesn't play or his limited, the Cowboys are going to have to throw often. Donovan McNabb didn't play great last week, but the weather was cold and he didn't have to since Brian Westbrook took over. Romo usually plays well vs. the Giants as well. Prediction: 295 passing yds 2 tds 1 int

Jason Witten-Witten has always been a "Giant killer." He always plays well against them when he's healthy. He is back to full health and is going to want to make up for his crucial late game route error against the Steelers last week. Prediction: 6 catches 60 yds 1 td

Terrell Owens-The Giants secondary isn't as good as it has been this season. Their pass-rush is key to their secondary's success and this week, I think Owens is going to come up big. He knows the Cowboys need this game more than ever and had a TD last week. He has been on a roll lately and will want to also exact some revenge. Prediction: 7 catches 80 yds 1 td

Derrick Ward-Jacobs may miss the game so that means Ward is going to be a huge factor. Ward is so valuable, because he is a good runner and a great option receiving. He has proven capable of handling the load when he's been called upon and even though the Cowboys are ninth against the run, Ward will get his yards. 75 rushing yds 1 td 5 catches 40 yds

Kevin Boss-Heath Miller had a big week last week, so Eli will target Boss often. The Giants WRs couldn't catch a thing last week, so they may have to change their game-plan and start getting Boss more involved. Prediction: 5 catches 70 yds 1 td

Both defenses-Both defenses have been playing well and I think both teams will get their sacks and turnovers. It's going to be a very physical and intense low-scoring game. Both teams have a great pass-rush and that bodes well for their secondaries. Prediction: Giants: 3 sacks 1 int 1 fr Cowboys: 2 sacks 1 int 1 fr

Bust: Eli Manning-Manning and the Giants offense did not play well last week. The Giants will try to get back to what they do best and that is running the ball. Last week, the Eagles were able to control the clock, so they could not get the running game going.

This week, Ward and Bradshaw will probably have to shoulder the load and maybe they can rest Eli's arm. When his receivers aren't helping him out, Eli may not be reliable right now. Prediction: 220 passing yds 1 td 2 int

Brandon Jacobs-Even if he starts, he's going to be limited. The Giants would be wise to rest him before the playoffs. Prediction (if he plays): 40 rushing yds 1 catch 10 yds

Marion Barber/Tashard Choice-Yes, Choice played well last week, but he's no Brian Westbrook. Westbrook has been one of the rare RBs to get to the Giants defense this season and I don't see Choice following him. Barber is still trying to get healthy and is no lock to play. The Cowboys will probably throw more this week.

The G-Men are still ranked fifth against the run and Marion Barber might return this week. Even if Barber sits, Choice is too risky to use. Look for other options. Prediction: Barber (if he plays) 60 rushing yds 4 catches 30 yds Choice (if Barber sits): 50 rushing yds 4 catches 30 yds

Roy Williams-Williams just can't find his comfort level in this offense. At best, he is the third option in the offense and has become an after-thought. Maybe Jerry Jones has realized by now he gave up way too much for Williams.

If he doesn't play well, will Jones call him out, like he did this week when Barber missed the game due to hamstring issues and a dislocated toe. You cannot start Williams, even has a WR3. Prediction: 2 catches 20 yds

CLE@PHI Prediction: CLE 10 PHI 31

This should be the Brian Westbrook show. Is there a guy more valuable in the league than Westbrook? When he's healthy, he is unstoppable and can win a game by himself.

After seeing him rip through the Giants last week, he should shred the Browns terrible defense. Cleveland's offense cannot be trusted right now with Ken Dorsey at QB. The Browns' season is in disarray and are already looking at next year. Start all your Eagles and bench all your Browns.

Boom: All Eagles-McNabb should hook up a few times for TDs and Westbrook will do the rest. The Eagles defense will shine after seeing the Colts defense torment the Browns last week.

It won't be close in any fashion and if you have something else to do Monday night, I'd suggest skipping this game.

Bust: All Browns-the Browns are in one serious funk and would be better off having Josh Cribbs start at QB. The guy was a QB in college and can be dangerous. They would smart to try him there, because they have no other choice. I'd go as far as dropping most of the Browns right now.

That wraps up this week's predictions and enjoy the games and good luck in the fantasy playoffs.


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