WWE News: The Rock vs. John Cena and 5 Potentially Huge Same-Alignment Feuds

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WWE News: The Rock vs. John Cena and 5 Potentially Huge Same-Alignment Feuds
The Rock and John Cena: Two of the WWE's biggest faces ever

On April 1st, 2012, two of the biggest names in the WWE will clash in a match that has the entire WWE Universe divided almost down the middle.

When The Rock and John Cena go head-to-head at WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami, it won't just be a battle between two mega-stars. It will be a battle between two generations as the Attitude Era meets the PG Era in a war of epic proportions.

And no matter what, Cena and Rocky will go into WrestleMania as faces. People everywhere are clamoring for Cena or The Rock to turn heel, but it's not going to happen because it does not need to happen.

The WWE has no reason to turn one of its biggest draws into a hated heel and besides, even if they wanted to, they would be hard-pressed to do so. Both Cena and The Rock are going to be loved no matter what they do. Aside from hitting an Attitude Adjustment/Rock Bottom on someone like Kelly Kelly or Evan Bourne, there just isn't anything these two can do to make anyone hate them.

Even when he was supposed to be a heel, The Rock was still cheered. During his feud with Goldberg, Rock was supposed to be the one that the WWE Universe couldn't stand, yet just before the match, he made fun of Goldberg in a way only Rocky can and went on to prove that he still has many fans in the Universe.

And how many times has "Super Cena" gone completely wild on his opponent?

Both Batista and Wade Barret can testify to Cena's unparalleled brutality when the situation calls for it. And yet, no matter what Cena does, no one in the WWE Universe questions whether or not he may have gone too far. They just cheer him all the more.

When two men like that meet, men who carry an entire generation of wrestling fans on their shoulders, it will be something more than the classic good vs. evil type of match.

It will be a match that will have people talking for years to come. The Rock and John Cena will pour their heart and soul into this match and (as corny as it sounds) the WWE Universe will be the true winner of that battle. 

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