FC Barcelona's Best Golazos: 20 Great Goals You Need to See

Andres Ehrli@@ehrliCorrespondent IIIOctober 26, 2011

FC Barcelona's Best Golazos: 20 Great Goals You Need to See

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    FC Barcelona has had numerous cracking goals in its history. And a large part of that is thanks to the amazing talent that has played at the Camp Nou.

    In the next 20 slides you will see some of the best goals for Barcelona. Some will be here because of their great technical value, while others will be listed because of their significance and emotional value to the club.

    What I assure you though, is that you will see great goals scored by great stars.

Dani Alves vs Valladolid

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    Did Alves cross or did he see the keeper off the line?

    Still a great goal either way, and a good starting point for this list.

David Villa vs Real Madrid

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    Villa top corner shot against Madrid?


Messi vs Espanyol

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    Messi can score with his hand too.

    Take that, Maradona.

Messi vs Racing Santander

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    This goal is Messi trademarked. 

    Gets in between two players and then leaves the keeper on the ground. 

    Easy does it.

    For Messi, at least.

Messi vs Arsenal

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    When I saw this goal the first time, I thought the flick Lionel Messi uses to beat the keeper wasn't intentional.

    And you know what? It was. 

    See the replay if you don't believe me. 

Ronaldinho vs Villarreal

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    When you can control a ball with your chest and then bicycle kick it home over the keeper... That's when you know you can do it all in football.  

Ronaldinho vs Real Madrid

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    I remember that three-nil night at the Bernabeu very well. 

    And I bet Merengue fans remember this one too.

    You could say that this goal was a look into the future.

Romario vs Real Madrid

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    Is Romario the player who has had the best outside-footed shot of all time?

    This goal seems to prove so.

    Sorry Quaresma.

Maradona vs Real Madrid

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    Maradona had the goal five seconds before he scored on this one.

    The extra time before the ball went in? He spent it ridiculing Madrid's keeper and another defender, just for kicks. 

Ronaldinho vs Chelsea

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    This Ronaldinho goal (3:50) left Peter Cech standing still. And I assure you that's a very big statue to have.

    That doesn't happen very often to the Czech Chelsea keeper, either.

Romario (and Laudrup) vs Osasuna

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    Laudrup magical assist? Check.

    Romario chip over the keeper? Check. 

    Fantastic play by both for the goal.

Ronaldinho vs Sevilla

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    This was Ronaldinho's first amazing goal for Barcelona.

    Wasn't his last, though.

Messi vs Getafe

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    You've seen this one thousand times.

    The original Maradona version of it, at least.

Andrés Iniesta vs Chelsea

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    Let me explain why this one is so great.

    Barcelona is playing away at Stamford Bridge, losing 1-0 and on the verge of being eliminated from 2009's Champions League.

    Three minutes into stoppage time, Andrés Iniesta does this...

    The rest, as they say, is history.

Messi vs Zaragoza

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    Messi just loves to mimic Maradona.

    What you might not know is that he can play like Ronaldo as well (you'll see what I mean a couple slides later). 

Maradona vs Belgrade

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    I remember Maradona himself in his Kosturica documentary say that he saw the keeper off the line and just chipped it.

    That's pretty good for "just" a chip.

Koeman vs Sampdoria

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    This one counts because of its sentimental value.

    And because it won Barcelona their first European Cup at Wembley.

Cruyff vs Atlético Madrid

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    They call this one "The Impossible Goal."

    For Cruyff impossible is nothing. And back-heeled. 

Ronaldo vs Compostela

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    If there's a goal that you can use to explain to an extra-terrestrial alien why Ronaldo was amazing, this is it.

Rivaldo vs Valencia

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    People who say players in the NFL are "ridiculous" clearly haven't seen this goal from Brazilian wunderkind Rivaldo.

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