Philadelphia Eagles: 7 Players Who Have Underachieved Through 6 Games

Adam GressenContributor IIOctober 26, 2011

Philadelphia Eagles: 7 Players Who Have Underachieved Through 6 Games

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    The Philadelphia Eagles have gotten off to a 2-4 start that leaves much to be desired from almost every aspect of the team.

    Losses can come for many reasons, but to lose games in the manner in which the Eagles have been losing is embarrassing and aggravating for all Eagles fans.

    The following slides will single out seven players on the Eagles roster who have not lived up to expectations so far.

Alex Henery, K

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    Alex Henery came into the NFL as the most accurate kicker in NCAA history. He ended his college career with a record-breaking 68 of 76 field goals for a .895 percentage.

    Henery has made 11 field goals out of 14 attempts this season. That puts his percentage at just .786 already.

    The main reason Henery made this list is his failure in the fourth quarter of Week 4's matchup against the 49ers. He missed two crucial field goals, and either field goal would have won the Eagles the game; they lost with a score of 24-23.

    Of course it isn't solely his fault that the Eagles lost, but it is never encouraging to see your new kicker choke under pressure like that.

Jason Avant, WR

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    Jason Avant is usually a solid receiver who can be relied on to make clutch, short-yardage receptions.

    There is no excuse for the way he played in Week 5 against the Bills. And this was the game in which he was the Eagles' top receiver with nine receptions and 139 yards.

    What those stats don't tell you is how he fumbled the ball in the third quarter, which resulted in a Bills field goal, or how he bobbled a catch in the fourth quarter that basically ended the Eagles' chances of a comeback.

Casey Matthews, LB

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    Maybe everyone just expected too much from Casey because he carries the Matthews name, but he has been demoted to backup weakside linebacker after playing below average at the middle linebacker position; he hasn't recorded a single sack yet and only has 14 tackles.

    I believe that he will be a factor in a year or two, but he is not ready for the pressure and responsibility that goes with being a middle linebacker.

    The Eagles have a complex defense and Casey Matthews has not been able to fully understand what he needs to do to be successful.

    The Eagles defense is ranked 23rd in rushing yards allowed (743) and 29th in tackles (362).

Nnamdi Asomugha, CB

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    Passers used to avoid Nnamdi Asomugha like the plague. In six games with the Eagles, Nnamdi has failed to maintain his status as one of the league's top pass defenders.

    Nnamdi has been having trouble adjusting to the Eagles defensive style which features zone coverage and not the man-to-man coverage in which he became accustomed while playing with the Raiders.

    As time goes on, he should become more comfortable with this different style of play and will again be feared by every team.

Juqua Parker, DE

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    Juqua Parker is only averaging one tackle a game in four games for the Eagles.

    Yes, he suffered an injury, but so have Trent Cole and Darryl Tapp, his competition at the defensive end position.

    Parker failed to step up and prove that he should play more snaps. It looks like his numbers will decline again this year as he has not given the Eagles any incentive to play him.

    Think back to the Bills game in Week 5. It was fourth down with one yard to go and the Bills had the ball with 1:23 left on the clock.

    The Bills lined up and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick got Parker to jump offsides with a fake hard count resulting in a penalty which gave the Bills a first down.

    The Bills were never planning to run a play. Everyone else on the Eagles seemed to know this, but Parker screwed up and it cost the Eagles an opportunity to potentially stage a comeback.

    Now that Cole will be returning to the right defensive end position it looks as though Parker will be back to being second in line behind Jason Babin at left defensive end, who is off to a great start this season.

Brent Celek, TE

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    Brent Celek is a strong receiver and can push for those extra yards, but he has not been playing as well offensively this season.

    Perhaps this is because he is often being used as an extra blocker for Vick. But if he could get open for more passes, then the Eagles could use him as yet another offensive threat in an arsenal of receivers that includes DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and Jason Avant.

    Celek is only averaging 8.8 yards per reception on 13 receptions through six games so far which is his record low for a season. In his first four years in the league he averaged 12 yards per reception.

Ronnie Brown, RB

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    Ronnie Brown has failed to be a useful backup running back for the Eagles. He only has 38 yards on 13 attempts, and he has also already fumbled the ball once.

    He isn't going to get many attempts because of LeSean McCoy's dominance, but he has also been thus far outplayed by rookie Dion Lewis who has 31 yards on only seven attempts.

    More should be expected from a veteran running back like Ronnie Brown. The Eagles are so disappointed in his performance that they even tried to trade him for Jerome Harrison, but that trade ended up being voided when the Eagles' doctors found a tumor in Harrison's brain.

    So, for the time being, the Eagles are stuck with the underachieving Brown.