Syracuse University Lacrosse Player Kevin Drew Allegedly Fights Law, Law Wins

Ryan MaloneyContributor IIOctober 25, 2011

John Desko
John DeskoJim Rogash/Getty Images

As of Monday morning, Syracuse University lacrosse senior Kevin Drew faces charges of driving while intoxicated, hit and run and resisting arrest

Predictably, the media and fans alike are fixating on the fact that Drew was driving a vehicle registered to SU head coach, John Desko, at the time of his arrest. But there's another tidbit in Robert A. Baker's report that I, along with all Walker, Texas Ranger fans, find a lot more intriguing.

As the officer approached Drew, Drew got into an aggressive stance, and Officer John Gunsalus “delivered one front kick strike to Drew’s chest area,” knocking him to the ground.

Drew didn't exactly do himself any favors when he told the police why he had decided to get behind the wheel.

He told police a girl he was dating left his home and he wanted to follow her to see where she was going, records state. Asked by an officer if he had been drinking, Drew said that he was drinking beer. Asked how much, Drew answered, “a lot,” records said.

Drew happens to be a roommate of Orange forward Tim Desko, the son of coach John Desko. Drew told officers that the car, a 2007 Chevy Blazer, belonged to a roommate. Both of the Deskos say that they were unaware that Drew had taken the vehicle.