World Football Transfer Rumours: 5 Stars Who Need Change

Justin Hoppe@justinjhoppeCorrespondent IIOctober 25, 2011

World Football Transfer Rumours: 5 Stars Who Need Change

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    In modern world football, it is not often that a player remains with one club his entire career for a variety of reasons. Players such as Francesco Totti, Ryan Giggs and Paolo Maldini don’t often come around: often swayed by the promise of substantial financial gain, desire to start anew or simple failure to maintain the level of play expected of them.

    The following are five players who would be better to pursue pastures new in the transfer windows to come this winter or upcoming summer.

David Beckham, Los Angeles Galaxy

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    For a number of reasons—some faults of his own and others wildly undeserved—Beckham has become the proverbial whipping boy of many MLS fans who consider him a greater brand than talent.

    This is all despite the fact that—in a season where Becks has remained quite healthy—he has the second most assists in the entire league (11) and the Galaxy have the best record in the MLS.

    The Englishman didn’t simply become member to both Manchester United and Real Madrid by dumb luck alone. He was at one point among the world’s best and due to his particular strengths as a player, remains a valuable asset to many potential suitors.

Didier Drogba, Chelsea FC

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    The Blues are in the midst of what can be described as a youth movement, and Drogba now finds himself to be the preferred second choice behind £50 million man Fernando Torres.

    Recent promising performances by the Spaniard, and the ownership’s desire for the struggling player to make a case to replace the Ivorian in the eyes of the Chelsea fateful signal a desperate need for a change of scenery for the 33-year-old.

Carlos Tevez, Manchester City

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    If there ever were a book to be written on how to transform diehard fandom into general distaste, there would be no better man than Tevez to write, er I mean dictate, it…in Spanish of course.

    In the frame of a month, the Argentine has gone from tied leading scorer of the Premier League and team captain to join the ranks of the many talented players wasting away within the lower ranks of league leading Manchester City.

    Boss Roberto Mancini has seemingly lost any of the desire he once had to retain the malcontent and so it goes without saying that Tevez will be gone come the winter window.

Daniele De Rossi, AS Roma

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    Once the subject of speculated moves to Real Madrid and Manchester United, the Roma’s vice captain has taken a noticeable dip in form since being named Italian Footballer of the Year in 2009.

    Not often do we see the hard-nosed enforcer bombing forward with reckless abandon nor do we recall or recognize that he was once an attacking-midfielder either.

    This season under the tutelage of Cesare Prandelli and Jose Enrique, we have seen progress or what may more accurately be called a return to form, but there still remains much ground to be made.

    While I hope no such move materializes or becomes necessary—as a Roma fan—I would like nothing more than to see De Rossi prosper once more even if that calls for the 28-year-old to go elsewhere.

Alessandro Del Piero, Juventus

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    There becomes no better reason for a change of scenery than when a club you have given the better part of your career to, buries you on the bench and publicly states their desire to no longer retain your services.

    Del Piero, 36, may not have many years left in those legs at the highest level, but he still possess more than enough physical ability to take advantage of his substantial experience and technical know-how.

    Recently proclaimed target of both Italian giant AC Milan and Swiss club Sion, it would not be surprising to find the Juve legend running out his career in New York City.