Hey Florida State Seminole Fan: Quit Your Cryin'!

Chad HensleyCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2008

The Konica Minolta Gator Bowl bowl selection committee has come under some fire for choosing the Clemson Tigers over the in-state draw Florida St. Seminoles

Their reasons were simple.  FSU fans don't travel to bowl games if their team isn't in a BCS game.  That means less money, and in this economy, the city of Jacksonville could use the extra cash.  For an in-depth look at the reasons, please go to this link. 


At first I agreed that the Seminoles (8-4) should have been given the nod over Clemson (7-5).  They beat Clemson head-to-head and had a better ACC and overall record. I believe the better bowls should go to the better teams.

But when you break things down in the ACC this year, 10 teams finished within one game of going to the ACC Championship game.   One break on one play in any of their games and you are looking at a different ACCCG. 

Clemson also beat the ACC Atlantic Champion, Boston College, at BC.  FSU was handily beat at Doak by BC. FSU played two FCS teams, just as Clemson did. 

In the end, no one in the ACC was head and shoulders above the rest. 

Then it comes down to money.  FSU has problems filling in their own stadium, as noted when the No. 18 Wake Forest Demon Deacons came to town.  The attendance on the box score says 79,000, but if you went to or saw the game, it was more like 49,000.  

For the FSU/Colorado game at Jacksonville this year, a total of 40,000 filled the seats.   Jacksonville is 2.5 hours from Tallahassee.  

FSU fans, if you want to see your Seminoles in better bowls, stop being fair weather.  This isn't the 1990's.  You don't dominate the ACC and certainly don't dominate on a national scale.   Support your team when they are in the lesser bowls, and show up in your home stadium for ranked, conference opponents.

Until then, quit your cryin'.