7 Big Men Who Should Have Been Main Eventers in WWE

Jacob RachwalCorrespondent IIIOctober 25, 2011

7 Big Men Who Should Have Been Main Eventers in WWE

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    With the rise of Mark Henry over the last few months, this article will look at the seven big men that WWE has missed the boat with. These men, in my opinion, could have been major players in the WWE, but instead, disappeared into the background and failed to achieve mainstream success.

    In my opinion, these men had more to contribute than being undercard talent.

Bastion Booger

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    Yes, this may cause you to do a double take, however, my belief is that with a little bit of tweaking to his character he could have been something special.

    Rather than being a disgusting, smelly, fat man as we were directed to view him, he could have been a fan favorite in a character similar to his alter ego in WCW (Norman the Lunatic).


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    This guy had it all; size, build and he was strapped with three poor gimmicks.

    First he was a radical military officer, then he was a deranged hammer for a cult leader and finally he was a goof who hung out with a bunch of oddities.

    The guy didn’t need a crazy gimmick, he was a gimmick.


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    Besides his run in the late '80s with Hulk Hogan, he faded as a cartoonish character that was afraid of the Undertakers urn. Then, later as a warrior who was in the process of being “civilized” by the Rev. Slick

    Kamala could have been utilized as a beast who was out of control and thus, unstoppable. Unfortunately for Kamala, it was not meant to be.


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    Much like Kamala, Earthquake had his run with Hulk Hogan in the '80s, but then after that he was relegated into the tag team and mid-card level of performer.

    Much like Mark Henry, Earthquake was a huge man that would make you shake in your shoes about his potential to punish you. If Earthquake was better utilized, he could have been built up to a world title contender.

Bull Buchanan

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    In this case, Bull Buchanan is the victim of bad booking. He was constantly given horrible gimmicks, from a rebel soldier in the Truth Commission to a rapper who backs up John Cena.

    Bull Buchanan had the size and build that could have propelled him into a world champion position.


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    A huge man who could have been a player, Tugboat was given a terribly stupid gimmick that was supposed to catch on with the fans. In fact, some preschoolers might have had a hard time supporting him.

    WWE then placed him in a tag team with Earthquake and changed his name to Typhoon. He had some success, but unfortunately did not achieve his potential.


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    Originally a rapper who was a Man on a Mission, Viscera was another case of a person who was always given bad gimmicks.

    When he became known as Viscera, he was a demonic soldier of the Undertaker. Then he became “the world’s largest love machine," poor placement for this legitimate monster.

    He is a man who should have been a world champion.