WWE: Analyzing the Worst Moments of Last Night's Monday Night Raw

Sam WatkinsCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2011

WWE: Analyzing the Worst Moments of Last Night's Monday Night Raw

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    On last night's Raw, the WWE Universe saw the fallout from Vengeance, but it didn't deliver quite as we expected.

    The bad clearly outweighed the good, and many moment left us shaking our heads. It wasn't much of an improvement over last week's episode, and WWE Creative seems to be hitting that time of year when they have no idea what to put on television each week.

    With that being said, here are the worst moments from last nights Raw.

The Entire Opening Segment

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    Believe it or not, I was actually enjoying the opening segment of Raw last night until Kevin Nash showed up. Triple H's corny "you broke my heart" line was actually clever, and I was looking forward to seeing Johnny Ace search for Nash throughout the night.

    Once Nash attacked Triple H I was somewhat let down, but by now I expect to be let down. Did we really need to see Triple H drooling on his chin on the ramp? That was just stupid. 

    After we all thought the storyline was over, Nash came back and attacked Triple H while he was being lifted into the ambulance. He then proceeded to hit Triple H over the head with a sledgehammer, an act for which he should have been arrested.

    I know it is television, and not supposed to be real, but how did Nash get away with that? To make things worse, the clock now read 9:26, and WWE had cheaply wasted a quarter of the show.

    Bad way to start of Monday Night Raw.

The Multiple Botches

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    After the opening segment I was already starting to give up on Raw.

    I knew that we were in for another poor show, and I was exactly right. Not only were the segments poor, but I counted three embarrassing botches as well.

    The first came in the Cody Rhodes & Christian vs. Randy Orton & Sheamus match.

    The match was supposed to end with Rhodes going for his Beautiful Disaster finisher, but Sheamus managed to hit his Brouge Kick for the win. It seemed like Rhodes' timing was off, because the two ended up just falling on each other. Sheamus kept his composure and hit his High Cross instead, then pinned Rhodes.

    Next was Wade Barrett vs. John Morrison (JoMo, or JoBo for Jobber). It is pretty apparent that Morrison is being set up for a release and WWE is just burying him at this point, but both superstars should be able to put together solid matches.

    The majority of the match was solid, except for a spot in which Barrett stupidly dropped Morrison. After this, the match had already been ruined in my mind, and I couldn't get back into it.

    I won't even bother summarizing the Alicia Fox botch, because she isn't even worth my time.

The Humiliation To Zack Ryder

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    Does Vince McMahon enjoy seeing the WWE Universe angry?

    Like most fans, I was extremely excited to see Zack Ryder compete alongside John Cena in the main event last night. Zack had been getting more and more time on TV lately. He was appearing on Raw, Smackdown, and even had a U.S. Championship match at Vengeance.

    We thought WWE had finally figured out how to use Ryder, and then they slapped us in the face. While he was being interviewed for his upcoming match, he was jumped by Awesome Truth, taking him out of the main event.

    This does nothing to get Awesome Truth over as heels, just Vince McMahon as a heel. Lets hope this doesn't hurt Ryder in the near future, and hopefully he will redeem himself in weeks to come.

John Cena Spitting on the Microphone to End Raw

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    What an appropriate way to end Raw.

    It was only fitting that this shot was the last one we saw in what had been an embarrassing night. Not only was this disgusting, but I felt embarrassed to be a WWE fan when I saw this.

    I'm sure Vince McMahon wasn't too pleased either, but Cena is only human (not Superman!), and things like this happen.

    Of all the issues with this week's Monday Night Raw, this has to be the worst.