Baseball Is Here But Where Are the Bleacher Report Writers?

Zander FreundSenior Writer IApril 4, 2007

IconHey people—it's spring again.

You know what that means: baseball.  And lots of it. 

For those of you still in school, that means plenty of games—all day every day.  For those of us now living in cubicles, that means games with a cold beer after a hard day's work.

Bottom line: If you have cable television and enjoy the national pastime, it's time to get busy.
The Bleacher Report's been hurting for baseball articles since the season began.  As I see it, there are two possible explanations:
First, you're all busy watching games rather than typing away on your keyboards.
Second, the lot of you don't care too much for baseball, and prefer other sports.
If it's the first reason, I couldn't be happier.  As much as I love editing articles,  this site couldn't exist if it weren't for the games themselves.  While I hope people start writing about the games they're watching, knowing that they're watching at all gives me great pleasure.
However, if it's the second reason...well, something must be done.
Because you see, baseball isn't just a game—it's a great game.  In fact, it's not just a great game—it's the greatest game there is.
You can keep your football, your hockey, your basketball, your NASCAR, your horse racing, your soccer, and your Chinese checkers. 
I'll take baseball any day of the week. 
Why?  Where to start...
It's the purest of games. 
It's the oldest, most classic game in our country's history. 
It's a game that's played at all times of day. 

It's a game where no two fields are exactly alike. 

It's a game without a clock, where every team gets a fair chance at rallying back to victory. 

Don't believe me?  Want to prove me wrong?  Watch three games.  Literally sit there and watch three full baseball games and tell me you're not hooked.  Tell me those guys aren't the most well-rounded athletes on the planet.  Tell me that what's going on right before your eyes isn't exciting as all hell. 
Too slow, you say?

Watch Jose Reyes in action.
Too repetitive, you say? 

Watch the Minnesota Twins hit, field, run, throw, catch, and slide day-in and day-out.
Too sissy, you say?   
Try stepping into the batter's box against Joel Zumaya.
Baseball: the national pastime, beamed straight to your TV screen.  So many stories; so many legends. 
Bobby Thomson's Shot Heard 'Round the World.
Willie Mays' basket catch at the Polo Grounds.

Bill Mazeroski's walkoff dinger in Game Seven of the 1960 World Series.

Pete Rose running over Ray Fosse at home plate.

The Red Sox breaking the curse, after 86 painful years.

The game may have been tainted in the last decade, but steroids are on their way out.  And besides: Records are records and history is history—and baseball as an art form is as alive as it ever was.

Watch Tom Glavine paint the outside corner in his 20th big league season.

Watch Torii Hunter dive for a ball in center field.

Watch Ichiro and Albert Pujols make hitting a 100-mph fastball look easy.

It's here once again, for your viewing pleasure: baseball.  The game, the sport, the art.  So get out there and root, root, root for the home team—or whatever team it is you enjoy watching.

And when you're not doing that, try writing an article about this great game for the Bleacher Report.
Because baseball's a whole lot better when you've got someone to share it with.