Roy Oswalt Option Declined: 4 Possible Replacements for Philadelphia Phillies

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2011

Roy Oswalt Option Declined: 4 Possible Replacements for Philadelphia Phillies

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    The Philadelphia Phillies' decision to decline Roy Oswalt's option was an easy one, but it creates a hole in their rotation. Oswalt was due $16.5 million and he had dealt with back problems throughout the season.

    Oswalt was able to pitch fairly well when he was healthy, but he was not the pitcher that the Phillies expected him to be this year. He struggled in his one postseason start and was partially responsible for the Phillies being eliminated from the playoffs.

Yu Darvish

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    The Philadelphia Phillies have not been one of the teams that has been connected to Yu Darvish. If the star pitcher is posted this winter, there is no reason why the Phillies couldn't go after him. They have the money to spend, and he would fit into their rotation.

    Pitching in Philadelphia would be a good opportunity for Darvish. He would immediately go to a winning team. The Phillies staff also has a number of aces he can learn from. Both Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels can also take some of the pressure off of Darvish.

Edwin Jackson

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    Philadelphia does not need to bring in another ace this winter. They could bring in a No. 3 starter to replace Roy Oswalt, and they would still be one of the National League favorites.

    The Phillies have already had a firsthand view of what Edwin Jackson can do. He held them to just two runs on five hits over six innings during the 2011 NLDS. Jackson would make an outstanding addition to the middle of the Phillies rotation.

C.J. Wilson

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    C.J. Wilson will be one of the two best pitchers available on the free-agent market this winter. He will command a big deal and would allow the Phillies to once again have four aces in their rotation.

    Last offseason, the Phillies were able to sign the Texas Rangers' ace, Cliff Lee. It is entirely possible that for the second consecutive year, the Phillies sign the Rangers' best pitcher once he becomes a free agent.

Roy Oswalt

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    The Phillies may not need to look far to find someone to fill the open spot that was created in their rotation when they declined Roy Oswalt's option. There is a mutual interest between the two sides in working out a new deal.

    Obviously, Oswalt would be coming back to Philadelphia for a lower salary. However, there could be a number of teams that the Phillies need to compete with for Oswalt's services.