Baltimore Orioles: Top 5 Candidates To Land GM Position

Corey HanleyContributor IIIOctober 26, 2011

Baltimore Orioles: Top 5 Candidates To Land GM Position

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    Ever since the Baltimore Orioles announced Andy MacPhail would not be re-signed, rumors have swirled as to who might take the reigns and guide the franchise back to their former glory.

    It was originally rumored Buck Showalter may leave his managerial post to become the general manager.

    That has since fallen through, and interviews have begun for MacPhail's successor.

    Whoever becomes the Orioles' GM will have the tough task of changing the perception of a team that has recorded 14 consecutive losing seasons.

    They are also stuck in a division with the big budget Yankees and Red Sox. The job is not easy but could be very rewarding.

    While the list began with a lot of names, the Orioles really only have a handful of realistic candidates remaining.

    Here are the top five executives most likely to become the next Orioles general manager.

Logan White: Los Angeles Dodgers

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    The Orioles haven't contacted the Dodgers to ask permission for an interview with White, but his name keeps getting floated out there.

    His co-worker, De Jon Watson, is a candidate for the job as well.

    Logan White fits the bill for what the Orioles are looking for in terms of a new GM. He is the Assistant GM in charge of amateur and international scouting for the Dodgers.

    The Orioles have made it clear they want someone with a scouting or player development background.

    While I don't know if White will get an interview, he is certainly on the Orioles' list in terms of potential GMs.

Thad Levine: Texas Rangers

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    Thad Levine is a bit unavailable for now, because his team is attempting to win the World Series.

    But he could be a great fit for the Orioles if the Rangers allow him to interview.

    It's been noted the Orioles will interview at least four people for the vacancy, and they only have three so far, so Levine may end up getting a call.

    The only thing that may keep Levine in Texas is the time frame.

    Free agency starts five days after the World Series, and it would probably be in the best interest of the team to have a GM by then.

    That would mean the Orioles would need to get permission to interview and bring Levine in to Baltimore in short time for an interview.

De Jon Watson: Los Angeles Dodgers

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    Unlike the two previous candidates, De Jon Watson has received permission to interview with the Orioles and is expected to do so today (Wednesday).

    Watson is the other half of the equation from Logan White, as he is the Assistant GM in charge of player development.

    His background includes helping to bring Dee Gordon and Jerry Sands to the bigs this year, despite having the lowest player development budget in the league.

    Watson would be a welcome addition to the Orioles, but I doubt he'll beat the next two guys for the job.

Tony LaCava: Toronto Blue Jays

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    Tony LaCava is currently working under Alex Anthopoulos for the Blue Jays and has over 20 years of experience in player development.

    LaCava is known for using advanced statistics, which would be a breath of fresh air for the Orioles. He also has been with a lot of teams, so he could probably bring in a large network of people to help out.

    LaCava interviewed a few weeks ago, and Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post Dispatch called him a "stealth favorite" for the job.

    I could see him getting the job, but there is one more candidate I think has a better shot.

Jerry Dipoto: Arizona Diamondbacks

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    To me, Jerry Dipoto is the best man for the job for the Orioles. He is currently the Senior VP of Scouting and Player Development for the Diamondbacks.

    His experience in both would be perfect, because the Orioles need to have someone who can make sure the two work hand in hand.

    The problem in the past hasn't really been scouting, because the Orioles have had some good drafts. They just haven't brought players up well.

    Dipoto's interview apparently went well, and he has experience as a general manager on an interim basis.

    I think he has the resume to win the job with the Orioles.

    UPDATE: Jerry Dipoto has been hired by the Angels.