Philadelphia Flyers GM Paul Holmgren Inquiring about Mats Sundin

Chris DiFrancescoAnalyst IDecember 9, 2008

During the first intermission of tonight's game, a bunch of the media caught up with Flyers GM Paul Holmgren about the possibility of free-agent Mats Sundin putting on the orange and black sweater.

Since the Shanahan rumors died down, the only guy left to talk about has been Sundin—so of course the Flyers have to at least do their job and see what is going through Sundin's head. 

"I haven't spoken with [Sundin's] agent, but when a player of his stature is available we have to give due diligence to the situation," Holmgren said in the hallway of the press box.

"Mats is a tremendous talent and still a dominant player in my eyes, so for the sake of the team we have to try and see what this guy's options are."

Sundin still hasn't said anything about his situation and what teams he wants to play for. I personally think this just all smoke and mirrors and a chance for the team to say that they put their name in the hat.

Holmgren repeatedly stated that he likes this team and he thinks this team can contend with or without Sundin.

"I like our team, I just think that with the caliber of player Sundin is we would be pretty foolish not to be interested," Holmgren said.

If Danny Briere wasn't hurt right now, I believe that Sundin wouldn't have been in the picture right now. But because of Briere's injury, the Flyers have to at least look into him.

The Flyers won't do this unless they plan on trading away a player like Briere because Sundin is going to cost somewhere in the $4 million range.