Mets Get K-Rod: Trouble For Phillies?

Ryan SmithCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2008

The New York Mets signed Francisco Rodriguez to a three-year deal on Tuesday.

That being said, the Mets have basically given up all hope on Billy Wagner. Wagner won't play next year anyway due to an injury.

Now for the question of the day.

"Will Rodriguez be trouble for the Phillies?"

The answer to that is no, or at least not a significant problem. Why? All the Mets really did was add a good pitcher to a weak bullpen. The Mets bullpen last year did embarrassingly bad down the stretch, and they never really improved.

Also, even though Rodriguez saved 62 games last year for the Los Angeles Angels, he blew seven. SEVEN. The only reason he saved 62 games was because the Angels played so many close games and because they focused on defense rather than offense.

Plus, closers are valuable, but they mean nothing if you aren't leading in the ninth inning.

Lastly, what Phillies fans must realize is we still have Brad Lidge. I bet everyone will agree that Lidge had a better season then Rodriguez last year, regardless of the number of saves.

Lidge was a perfect 48-48 throughout the entire regular and postseason. Also, Lidge had an ERA of 1.95 with 92 strikeouts, while K-Rod had an ERA of 2.24 with 77 strikeouts.

Don't worry Phillies fans. The Mets got Johan Santana last year, and they still couldn't stop us. Nothing can stop the Phillies fever! It's contagious!