BCS Rankings: The YouTube Video That Perfectly Summarizes Every Top 25 Team

Alex JosephAnalyst IOctober 27, 2011

BCS Rankings: The YouTube Video That Perfectly Summarizes Every Top 25 Team

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    Everybody has been breaking down the BCS Top 25 in different ways, but nobody has asked the most important question: If a team were a YouTube video, which one would they be?

    Why is this the most important question, you ask? Because the Internet has taken over the world, and that all begins with YouTube.

    We are the YouTube generation. You can find almost any video you'd want to see in the world on YouTube, and if you're just looking to waste a few hours of your time, look no further.

    It's become an important part of our life—whether we want it or not—so we may as well use it for something fun, right?

    That's what I did. I searched hundreds of videos before I found the perfect fit for each team. Some videos are obvious selections with very literal comparisons, but some are rather metaphorical with deep, nearly philosophical justifications.

    The BCS Top 25 has never been broken down more thoroughly* and objectively**.

    * This is likely a lie.

    ** This is definitely a lie.


No. 1 LSU

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    Honey Badger 

    There was a brief moment when I considered using Justin Bieber's "Baby" video for this slide, as it is the No. 1 viewed video on YouTube, but I thought to myself, "That's too easy; also does Justin Bieber have anything in common with LSU?"

    The answer is probably no, but do you know what does have something in common with LSU? That's right: The honey badger.

    The honey badger doesn't care. It's the most fearless animal in the world. It has no regard for any other animal. It fights cobras, for crying out loud.

    This is the perfect representation for LSU this season. After losing two of their top talents for their season-opener against Oregon, LSU came out strong with backup QB Jarrett Lee and proceeded to beat down the Ducks in a somewhat surprising fashion.

    Of the eight games they've played this season, five have been against ranked opponents. Even with a rough schedule, the Tigers' lowest margin of victory has been 13 points. They're winning all their games by double-digits, and they're looking great while doing it.

    With four games left in the season, LSU still has to play the two best teams in the SEC (that aren't named LSU): Alabama and Arkansas.

    They have to travel to Alabama to play, so they're likely to be an underdog in the game, but I won't be counting out the Tigers. They have more than proven themselves to me this year, and they've done it with a honey badger type of attitude.

No. 2 Alabama

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    I absolutely love The Little Giants, but don't get me wrong: There is no way the "Giants" are a representation of Alabama. The Giants are small, weak underdogs who have to use their smarts over talent to win the big game.

    Now, I'm not saying that the players at Alabama aren't smart, either. I'm just saying that they are super talented.

    How this scene does relate to Alabama, however, is all about the intimidation. The Giants are foaming at the mouth, striking fear into the opposing Cowboys' hearts.

    I can only imagine this is exactly how opposing teams must feel every time they line up against the Alabama defense, even if they aren't foaming at the mouth.

    Their numbers are ridiculous. They are allowing 6.9 points per game—that's right, 6.9. They've played in eight games. Let that soak in for awhile.

    They are also No. 1 in yards allowed per game (180.5). Michigan State is No. 2 and they're allowing 222.86 yards per game.

    So, not only do they allow the fewest points, but they also allow the fewest yards, and it's not even close.


No. 3 Oklahoma State

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    Nyan Cat 

    I was actually just introduced to "Nyan Cat" rather recently, and I'm not going to lie: it's pretty great.

    What's not to like? It's a cat with the body of what seems to be a toaster pastry that sings a catchy tune while leaving a rainbow trail.

    OK, that was kind of a mouthful, but in all reality, nyan cat is rather simple and repetitive. That doesn't make it not great and fun to watch, though.

    As good as Oklahoma State is this year, there's really not much to their team. Quarterback Brandon Weeden is going to run a spread attack and throw the ball to Justin Blackmon. Sometimes running back Joseph Randle will get into the mix and break off a big run.

    Everyone should know what's coming, but when an offense is that prolific, it's awfully hard to stop. In turn, that makes what is seemingly a simple offense really fun to watch.

    That. Is. Nyan cat.

    Now, if only the Cowboys were mic'd up and would sing a catchy tune every time they were on the field...

    A boy can dream.

No. 4 Boise State

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    Baby Panda Sneezes 

    This video is really popular. With more than 21 million views, it's likely that everyone who is reading this article has already seen this video. 

    It's also likely that everyone who is reading this article is also aware that Boise State is still undefeated—again. It's likely that they're going to miss out on the championship game—again.

    The popularity that the video has recently seen is in fact parallel with the popularity that Boise State has seen in recent years, but that's not the only similarity between the two videos.

    The baby panda almost perfectly represents what Boise State stands for. In the video, the baby panda is laying idly by as the larger panda sits and eats all the food. Even though the baby panda is, well, a baby, its sneeze is powerful enough to scare the larger panda.

    Boise State is often looked at as "the little guy" among the actual BCS-conference powerhouses. Even though Boise State may not be the biggest or the strongest, they still are powerful enough to frighten their opponents.

    Is this not a perfect comparison? No?

    Oh well, the baby panda is super adorable.

No. 5 Clemson

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    Rebecca Black - Friday

    This may be the most off-the-wall video-to-team comparison in this slideshow, but hear me out.

    When Rebecca Black's "Friday" went viral, many thought it had to be a joke. The production quality is evident, but the overall quality of the music and lyrics is obviously lacking.

    If "Friday" wasn't a joke, then who was actually going to take Rebecca Black seriously? Millions of views later, it is actually Black who has had the last laugh.

    She has become a celebrity despite how good of a singer/songwriter she actually is, and people are just waiting until she falls off the map and is forgotten.

    This is an almost exact representation of Clemson's season. After being picked by virtually nobody to win the ACC, the Tigers have proven to be the only team in the ACC that plays better than average on a consistent basis, but they didn't start out so hot.

    Clemson survived a Week 2 scare against Wofford, squeaked by a disheartened (and injured) Florida State squad, and had to come from behind on the road to beat an unranked Maryland team.

    Yes, Clemson is undefeated still and is likely on its way to an ACC championship matchup against either Virginia Tech or Georgia Tech, but how good are they really?

    They haven't played anybody better than average, they're stuck in a weak conference, but because they're undefeated, we have to keep talking about them.

    Despite how good they might actually be, they are still ranked No. 5 in the BCS. I assume being ranked No. 5 is the equivalent to having millions of views on YouTube. 

    Don't question me.

No. 6 Stanford

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    Guy Stuck In History Class 

    First off, this is a pretty hilarious video, and it should be a representation of all our time spent in either college or high school. If you haven't watched many College Humor original videos, I highly recommend them.

    Now, down to business. Here's a quick summary of what this video is all about: A guy is stuck in his boring history class and his mind starts to wander elsewhere. He doodles, thinks about the hot girl in the class and eventually dozes off for awhile.

    The main point this video creates is that it's obvious that this guy is bored. "Bored" may be the best way to describe the Stanford football team right now.

    Last weekend, Stanford played their first ranked opponent of the season, No. 25 Washington, and completely destroyed them, 65-21. Their closest game this season was a road win at Arizona that resulted in a 27-point victory.

    I can only imagine what goes through Andrew Luck's head while he's picking apart opposing defenses. I want to believe that it's a lot like the guy stuck in his history class.

    Note: It's a good thing I'm writing this article this week, because I'm not sure how long I'll be able to describe Stanford as "bored." Their schedule gets a little tougher with USC on Saturday, Oregon in two weeks and Notre Dame to end their season.

No. 7 Oregon

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    Ducks Blown Off Their Feet 

    This is the only video in the slideshow that features an obvious similarity between subject material and the corresponding team's mascot.

    This video is more literal than metaphorical in relation to Oregon's season. In the video, ducks are walking along a boardwalk, minding their own business, then a gust of wind comes along and blows them around.

    Eventually, the wind dies down and the ducks gather together once again to walk off.

    OK, so maybe wind didn't sweep away the Oregon Ducks, but let's just call the wind, in this case, the LSU Tigers, which I guess would make this slide metaphorical, not literal...

    Anyway, after LSU "blows the Ducks off their feet," the Ducks are forced to pick themselves up, come together and walk away with their heads held high.

    This is exactly what Oregon has done since their season-opening loss. They are now 6-1 and in control of their own destiny. They have tough remaining games against Stanford and USC, but they are in a great position to win out and earn a BCS bowl berth.

No. 8 Kansas State

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    Zombie Kid Likes Turtles 

    This is a rather infamous YouTube video, and it still makes me laugh every time I watch it.

    In the video, a newscaster is covering what seems to be some sort of fair called the "Waterfront Village," and she decides to do an on-the-spot interview with a kid wearing zombie makeup.

    Why is he wearing zombie makeup? That's never addressed. What is addressed, however, is the fact the zombie kid likes turtles. He completely throws the newscaster off by answering this way, as she is noticeably and verbally flustered.

    This turtle-loving zombie kid is a good comparison to the Kansas State Wildcats. The Wildcats are 7-0 and ranked in the BCS Top 10 for the first time since 2002. In that respect, the Wildcats are very much "zombies" to the BCS and to college football in general.

    Also, nobody expected Kansas State to be undefeated this far into the season. They've been throwing everyone for a loop since their unexpected victory against Miami in Week 4.

    Thus, if Kansas State were at the Waterfront Village, I believe the entire team would be wearing zombie makeup, waiting to tell local newscasters that they do, in fact, like turtles.

    That seems plausible, right?

No. 9 Oklahoma

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    Guy Falling Down 1,000 Stairs

    So after Oklahoma suffered a terrible home loss last weekend against Texas Tech, there was only one way their performance could be summed up, and it's this video.

    In the video, which I think is an Asian jeans commercial, a guy is shown falling down a very long flight of stairs. The stairs never seem to end, he just keeps falling and falling and falling.

    This is how the Sooners started their game against Texas Tech. They couldn't move the ball on offense, they couldn't stop the ball on defense, and they just kept falling, and falling and falling until they were down, 31-7.

    Even after getting down, the Sooners fought their way back to within seven points, but then they gave up two more scores and the game seemingly slipped away once again.

    However, the Sooners still continued fighting and put themselves in a good position at the end of the game. This was like the moment in the video where the guy, after falling down all these stairs, picks himself up and dusts himself off like nothing ever happened.

    Then, freshman kicker Michael Hunnicutt missed a field goal that was more or less the length of an extra point, and that really did the Sooners in. That moment was just like the moment in the video where the guy gets hit with a car after dusting himself off.

    In the video, though, the guy still gets up and walks away at the end, even though he had just fallen down 1,000 stairs and gotten hit by a car. That's ultimately what the Sooners have to do. They have to continue to walk on despite what happened, because who knows what could happen in the last five weeks of the season.

    The Sooners have to get back to playing dominating football, and things will start looking up again.

No. 10 Arkansas

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    Guy Runs Into Wall

    This video is great. The first time I saw it, I literally watched it over and over and over.

    You should really watch it because it's only seven seconds long, but if you choose not to, the basic gist is that a guy runs full speed at a wall and jumps into it, hitting it hard and falling to the ground.

    This is the position that the Arkansas Razorbacks are currently in. Sitting at 6-1, the Razorbacks are in a good position to win their next four games and finish the season at LSU with a chance to at least tie for the SEC West crown.

    Unfortunately, the Razorbacks are in the SEC West with both LSU and Alabama. They have already lost to Alabama, and if Alabama wins out or loses just one conference game, Arkansas won't have a chance. If Alabama somehow loses two games, Arkansas has to win-out, including at LSU, in order to have a chance to play in the SEC championship game.

    With the way LSU and Alabama are playing, I find it very hard to believe that either team loses more than one game this season. This leaves Arkansas on the outside looking in.

    If they were in the SEC East, there's no doubt that they'd have a great chance at playing either LSU or Alabama in the SEC championship game. However, that's not the case, and the Razorbacks are left feeling like they are just running themselves into a wall.

No. 11 Michigan State

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    Squirrel Eats Lemon 

    This squirrel more or less represents Michigan State's last two games against Wisconsin and in-state rival Michigan.

    In the video, the squirrel is ravaging a lemon, and you keep expecting it to make a weird face or possibly throw the lemon down in disgust to it's normally gland-affecting citrus taste.

    Instead, the squirrel eats the lemon like a boss and runs at the camera as if to say, "What? Was that it? Give me more lemons! I don't even care! I'll eat 'em all!"

    Michigan State is playing its best football of the season right now, as the Spartans have beaten highly ranked opponents the past two weeks. Nothing changes this week as the Spartans travel to No. 14 Nebraska, but at this point, I don't think the Spartans are even fazed by ranked opponents. They want all they can get!

    The Spartans hold their destiny in their own hands, and with a win over Nebraska this weekend, they could be sealing their spot in the Big 10 championship game, as their remaining schedule is awfully weak.

    Like the squirrel in this video, Michigan State is unfazed, ready to take on the world.

No. 12 Virginia Tech

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    Fred Goes Swimming

    I'm going to keep this short and simple:

    Virginia Tech is 7-1, ranked No. 12 in the BCS and they are likely to climb the polls as their remaining schedule is just as lackluster as their schedule has been so far.

    They have only played one ranked opponent, then-No. 13 Clemson, and they got embarrassed. Clemson showed how truly overrated this Virginia Tech team is, but because the ACC is so weak, their schedule is going to allow them to finish near the Top 10.

    This really pains me, but they will likely be outed once again in the ACC championship game. Until then, they remain one of the most overrated teams in college football.

    So what video reminds me the most of Virginia Tech? Any "Fred" video on YouTube works.

    For those of you who aren't familiar with "Fred," he's just a kid, doing and saying random, unfunny things, and his voice has been modified to a very high pitch.

    This kid is extremely popular. The video on this slideshow has over 30 million views. I just don't get it. "Fred" is the most overrated YouTube star.

No. 13 South Carolina

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    Pug Falls In Toilet

    This video is ridiculously cute, but that may be because I love pugs so much. However, let me be clear, the "cute" factor of this video is not why I selected it to correspond with South Carolina.

    Instead, this video and South Carolina share something else in common: They're both kind of depressing.

    While this video is cute, it's also kind of sad. How did the pug exactly get into the toilet like that? Was she actually put into the toilet? Could this be staged? If so, that makes it even more sad.

    Let's pretend like it wasn't staged, though. This just happened out of the blue one day, and now, because of this accident, this dog is the laughing stock of the house. The dog looks super upset in this video and he likely just wishes someone would help him out of the toilet, rather than poke fun at his unfortunate endeavor.

    This relates to South Carolina's season, because the pug falling into the toilet is a metaphor for Marcus Lattimore's season-ending injury. Lattimore has more touchdowns than quarterbacks Stephen Garcia and Connor Shaw combined.

    With Garcia dismissed from the team, Shaw has had to step in and take control of a team that is trying to make it to the SEC championship game. That's a daunting task for a sophomore quarterback who hasn't seen that much playtime.

    With Lattimore out, South Carolina's season is in the toilet, as the Gamecocks still have five games left, four of which are against formidable SEC opponents.

No. 14 Nebraska

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    Giant Killer Spider

    This slide is all about the looks.

    In this video, we are presented with the "World's Most Giant Killer Spider," but what we actually get is a tiny dog dressed in a spider costume.

    Now, I'm not complaining about the video. If spiders that giant actually existed, I would definitely consider buying my first gun. However, there could be others who click on that link who actually would be mad that they've been tricked.

    Yes, some people might be mad that they aren't getting what they read about.

    I think that last sentence is a good way to sum up Nebraska football, especially if you relate it to quarterback Taylor Martinez.

    On paper, Nebraska looks pretty great. They're 6-1 with their only loss coming to then-undefeated Wisconsin. Martinez looks pretty great, as well. In seven games, Martinez has thrown for 1,176 yards and seven touchdowns, but he has run for 636 yards and nine touchdowns.

    Martinez looks like a fantastic dual-threat quarterback. Realistically, though, Martinez should probably never be throwing the football. This became evident when Nebraska actually played a good team like Wisconsin.

    I'm just not buying into Nebraska, even with their good record and their weak conference. They still have games remaining against Michigan State on Saturday, Michigan and Penn State.

    They could very well lose all these games.

No. 15 Wisconsin

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    Guy Dances Into Traffic

    This video gets better every time I watch it. Consequently, after Wisconsin lost to Michigan State in dramatic fashion last weekend, this was the first video I thought of.

    Wisconsin hadn't really been tested all season long. They looked like men among boys in a weak Big 10 conference, and their lacking non-conference schedule wasn't helping anyone decide on how good the Badgers really were.

    They were coming into this game overly confident and full of "swag." If the Wisconsin Badgers could have been summed up in a video before the loss, it would have been just this guy dancing into traffic. This guy is fearless (or foolish), as he backpedals into the street, assuming cars will just get out of his way.

    Then along comes an ice cream truck that is fed up with his persistent, taunting dance moves. He honks to warn the man he's coming, but he's sure as hell not getting out of the way for him.

    In case you hadn't figured it out, the ice cream truck is Michigan State, and the guy getting hit by the ice cream truck is Wisconsin.

No. 16 Texas A&M

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    Single Ladies Fail

    I think this video perfectly sums up Texas A&M's season thus far, but first thing's first: Why is this chick wearing an evil clown mask?

    In the end, it works out for her, as nobody gets to see her face as she is humiliated, but what was the point of it in the first place?

    In this video, the girl begins her rendition of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" dance, and all is seemingly going fine. That is, until she snaps her head too far and hits the side of her television.

    The dance is ruined, humiliation ensued and she probably woke up with a really bad headache the next morning. She just couldn't finish what she started.

    Does this sound familiar?

    I'm sure the Aggies wished they were all wearing evil clown masks during back-to-back home losses to Oklahoma State and Arkansas. In both games, A&M had significant first-half leads, and in both games, they lost all their momentum in the second half, fell flat on their faces and lost the games.

    The Aggies are the best two-loss team in the nation, and they technically should be undefeated still. However, they just couldn't finish what they started.

No. 17 Houston

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    Dude Perfect - Cowboys Stadium Shot

    This may be the best example of a slide corresponding with a team in this entire article.

    There are just so many overlapping themes in each video. For starters, everybody loves Dude Perfect and the videos they put out. They're fun, exciting and most importantly, they're from Texas. 

    If you hadn't heard about the Houston Cougars, they are ranked No. 17 in the BCS and are one of eight remaining undefeated teams in college football. They have the No. 1 passing offense in the nation, and they are No. 1 in points scored per game. They're fun, exciting and obviously, they're from Texas.

    Another parallel between Houston and Dude Perfect are their quarterbacks. Houston's quarterback Case Keenum became the all-time FBS leader in total yards last weekend. Not only does he throw for a ton of yards, but he's also accurate, as he has a 73 percent completion percentage.

    Dude Perfect's main "quarterback" is Tyler Toney. He performs all the ridiculous shots, such as the one featured here: the Cowboys' stadium shot. Although we don't ever really see how many times it takes to make a certain shot, the videos tend to make us believe Toney is super accurate, as well.

    In this video, Toney makes what is officially the world's longest basketball shot. Did he do this on the first try? Not likely, but even if he did, the odds of making this shot have to be one in a million if not more.

    This relates to Houston because even though they may finish the season undefeated, the odds of them making the national championship game are one in a million if not more.

No. 18 Michigan

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    The Great Head Shaving

    If you can sit through this entire 8-minute video without cringing or feeling the least bit awkward, give yourself a pat on the back.

    If you can sit through an entire Michigan game without cringing or feeling the least bit awkward after watching Denard Robinson continue to pass the ball, give yourself a pat on the back.

    See what I did there? See how these two things relate now?

    Anyway, in this video, a girl loses a bet in regards to a Dallas Cowboys game, and her friends and family not only go through with shaving her head, but they videotape the entire thing.

    At first, the girl is kind of laughing about it, as are the friends, but as the video continues, and as hair keeps falling, the girl begins to cry. The friends stop laughing, but they never think to stop videotaping. They have to keep watching.

    That's how I felt the entire time I was watching this video. Even though I knew what was going on was pretty sad, I had to keep watching. It's one of the moments, like watching a car crash, where your eyes just can't be tempted to look away.

    Whether you like this video or a car crash as a better metaphor to describe Robinson as a quarterback, you aren't going to be able to disagree with it.

    You have to keep watching him play. He's exciting. However, as the game goes on, you have to ask yourself, "Why is he still throwing passes? Doesn't he know that this is awful?"

No. 19 Penn State

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    David After The Dentist 

    The No. 19 Penn State Nittany Lions are sitting at 7-1 and are at the top of the Big 10 conference. Their only loss came against a superior Alabama team, but how much praise can we actually give to the Lions?

    Yes, they only have one loss, but they've barely been winning their games. I'm all for the "a win is a win" method of looking at things, but when you're only beating teams like Indiana, Purdue and Temple by four to six points, it might be time to question how good you actually are.

    Their lackluster schedule and winning margins are likely the reasons for the Lions only being ranked No. 19, but after ending the season against Illinois, Nebraska, Ohio State and Wisconsin, the Lions could quickly find themselves out of the Top 25.

    This brings me to the video: David After the Dentist. David has just been to the dentist to get stitches in his mouth. He has seemingly been heavily medicated, as he continues to ramble off non sequiturs for two minutes straight.

    He asks his (I'm assuming) father, "Is this real life?" This disillusioned state of being is a good metaphor for the Lions' season. I'm sure many of the players have asked themselves the same question, "Is this real life? How can we keep playing just well enough to beat terrible teams? Can we keep doing this and win a terrible Big 10 conference this season?"

    Not to mention, how many of David's non sequiturs do you think JoePa asks himself every day? Maybe a couple, right?

    Get it? Because he's old...

    I'll shut up now.

No. 20 Texas Tech

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    Dramatic Chipmunk

    The Dramatic Chipmunk video went viral shortly after it's initial release to YouTube. It only took a few people watching it to recommend it to friends, and so on, and so on.

    At only 5 seconds long, the video is short and to the point. However, if you have never seen it before, what happens is very unexpected.

    I feel like that's a good summation of Texas Tech's year so far. Everyone knows what Texas Tech is good at, and that's throwing the ball. Head coach Tommy Tuberville has carried on the spread offense attack that Mike Leach made Texas Tech famous for.

    The Red Raiders' fast-paced offense is short and to the point, but did anyone expect to see what they've seen out of them so far this year?

    Texas Tech started the year off 4-0 before losing back to back games against ranked opponents Texas A&M and Kansas State. Even in the losses, the Red Raiders, at least their offense, looked really good.

    Then, as we're all aware of now, the Red Raiders went into Norman, Okla., and pulled off the biggest upset of the college football season, shocking the No. 3 Sooners 41-38.

    Like the chipmunk, the Raiders are quite fun to watch and are only going to get more and more popular.

No. 21 Arizona State

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    Cory Worthington - Won't Take Off His Glasses

    Arizona State is really hard to peg when it comes to finding a video that relates to their football program.

    Here are some facts on Arizona State:

    They are No. 20 in passing offense, No. 79 in rushing offense, No. 31 in points scored per game and No. 38 in points given up per game.

    These numbers tell me one thing: Statistically, Arizona State is rather average. However, they keep getting the job done. They've lost two games this season (Illinois, Oregon), but they are in a great position to win-out their schedule.

    That would make them 10-2 and would likely give them a spot in the Pac 12 championship game. So, while people like me  are ridiculing them for their average stats, the Sun Devils are doing the work on the field and making a name for themselves.

    Meet Cory Worthington, Australian party boy extraordinaire. This video has been pretty popular for awhile, and I think it's about as close as we're going to get for finding a video to summarize Arizona State.

    Like the Sun Devils, Cory is quietly making a name for himself via this news interview. While a very unprofessional news anchor is yelling at him to take his glasses off and apologize for a party he threw, Cory remains calm and tells her that he's not going to do it.

    By not taking his glasses off and standing up for himself, Cory made a name for himself and became a YouTube sensation.

    That's kind of like what I said for Arizona State, right? Does it help that Arizona State is a big party school?

    I think it does.

No. 22 Georgia

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    Star Wars Kid

    This has been a rather popular video for quite sometime. "Star Wars kid" was one of the first memes in the YouTube generation.

    It became apparent, though, that this kid didn't actually upload this video himself. Instead, somebody else found this footage and decided it would be a good idea to upload it anyway.

    I'm not going to lie, this kid has some moves. Sure, this is a comical video, but the kid was young, didn't know any better and really wanted to be some form of Star Wars athlete.

    I would like to think this relates to Georgia's situation because they are young, trying to be athletic enough to keep up with the rest of the SEC, but in the end, they just don't know what they're getting themselves into.

    After back-to-back losses early in the season, Georgia has won five games in a row and is fighting for a spot in the SEC championship game.

    They have a great chance to get there, but once they are there, they'll have to face either LSU or Alabama, and then things are just going to get ugly.

No. 23 Auburn

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    Rick Roll'd 

    Does "Rick Rolling" people ever get old? It has become almost an absurd art for Internet trolls. How many ways can one actually be "Rick Roll'd?"

    For that answer, all you have to do is watch Auburn play football every weekend. I feel like there isn't a Top 25 team that's harder to figure out than Auburn, but I'm not blaming them. When you lose as many players as they did, including a Heisman Trophy winner, your next season is bound to be full of ups and downs.

    After starting the season off with a dramatic late-game win against Utah State, Auburn surprised everyone next week by coming out strong and beating a then-No. 16 Mississippi State team.

    They followed that win with a loss to an unranked Clemson team, which has actually turned out to be not as shocking as it was at the time.

    They beat then-No. 10 South Carolina on the road, only to turn around next week and get blown out by the new No. 10 Arkansas Razorbacks. After beating Florida at home, Auburn had to travel to top-ranked LSU, where they suffered their worst defeat of the season, despite LSU missing three key starters.

    Every time you watch Auburn play, you never really know what you're going to get. You could be thinking you're going to see a dominant performance, but then they could lose by 20.

    This is a lot like "Rick Rolling." You go to watch one thing, and it ends up being Rick Astley.

No. 24 Texas

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    Kaitlyn Maher - America's Got Talent

    It seems like Texas just keeps hanging around near the bottom of the polls. Though they didn't have enough fire-power to keep up with Oklahoma or Oklahoma State, Texas has definitely shown improvement on last season's 5-7 record.

    They've had a respectable season thanks to the influx of young talent, such as freshman running back Malcolm Brown. In their season opener, head coach Mack Brown played 18 different freshmen in the game.

    They are certainly on the right path to regaining college football dominance, but they still are a few years away. All the talent is there, now it's just about homing in on it and creating something great.

    If the adorable Kaitlyn Maher isn't a great representation of where the Longhorns' football program stands, then I don't know what is. The 4-year-old singer performed on "America's Got Talent" in 2008 and reached the final 10.

    Of course, there were surely more than 10 other contestants that had more talent than Kaitlyn. It's obvious that she has talent, but in this video, she is years away from perfecting her voice, pitch, etc.

    Kaitlyn Maher is Texas football.

No. 25 West Virginia

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    You Are Not The Father 

    This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite clips on YouTube. In this infamous clip from Maury, a man is informed that he is, in fact, not the father of an unborn child.

    How does he react? Like any normal man would: with a series of dance moves that excite not only the live audience, but all of us watching at home, as well.

    I have to believe this is how West Virginia feels. Even though they're coming off a disappointing loss against Syracuse, West Virginia has been dealt some good news: they may get out of the Big East.

    Talks of leaving the Big East and joining the Big 12 seemed really optimistic a few days ago. However, the Big 12 has now said their approval to join the league has been put on hold until the conference figures out what's going on with Missouri.

    I'm still a believer that Missouri is going to bail for the SEC, which makes West Virginia's likelihood of playing in the Big 12 very real.

    West Virginia is obviously the most talented football team in the Big East, so it must be hard getting excited to play teams like Syracuse, Louisville and Rutgers on a consistent basis. When you become unfocused, bad losses, like last weekend's against Syracuse, tend to become more prominent.

    In the Big 12, West Virginia will be challenged like never before, but that has to be exciting.