Pittsburgh Penguins Injury Bug: Please Go Away!

Dan RobleContributor IDecember 9, 2008

It must be that time of year again for the injury bug to bite the Pens. 

Last year, we had guys like Crosby, Fleury, Talbot, Roberts, and Eaton miss significant time. 

I still do think those injuries really helped that team mold into the cup contenders they became.  Will the same go for this year?

It all started off with the announcement of Ryan Whitney needing surgery on his foot that would keep him out several months.  Then Gonchar got injured in preseason. 

Things were going well until Fleury got hurt again.  Sabourin and Curry played well enough to make missing Fleury seem not so much of a loss, just like Conklin did last year. 

But the bug must be hungry, and keeps biting.

The newest addition to the Pens, Phillippe Boucher, just got injured. 

Okay,  so we still have six D-men who can hold the fort.  But then we lose our key faceoff guy in Mike Zigomanis, who will hopefully be back soon, and Tyler Kennedy for what I have seen to be four to six weeks—in the same game! 

The third line with Kennedy, Jordan Staal, and Matt Cooke had been dominant when together. So far without Kennedy, it just has not been the same. 

Last but not least, Hal Gill will now miss some time from an injury he sustained against Ottawa.

Lets hope this is the last we will see this bug for a while and it will be nice to get Fleury and Whitney back soon enough.  I understand that injuries are a common part of any sport, but one can wish for a healthy, talented team right? All I want for Christmas is another shot at a Cup run!