Winter Wonderings with Wedge

Chris KreitzerSenior Analyst IDecember 9, 2008

As the visions of Kerry Wood dance through the heads of Tribe fans everywhere, my thoughts have immediately move towards the infield. After viewing Cleveland Cable outlet SportsTime Ohio's Matt Underwood interview Eric Wedge about everything Indians, some items up for debate have become clearer.



  • Basically said if no infield moves were made, Peralta would remain at Shortstop which can't be good for Barfield.
  • When asked about Shoppach/Martinez/Garko First Base/Catcher situation, Wedge said that Shoppach's role would increase behind the dish, but the league will adjust to him at bat. He stated that he won't commit to anything at the moment, leading me to believe that they are shopping him hardcore (with three catchers on the 40 man) for a middle infielder.


  • The team is looking at probably after Jan. 1 for a starting pitcher but Shapiro and Antonetti have been kicking the tires on every possibility.


  • Tribe is exploring everything at closer (trade/free agent) so it seems they are coming up with a back up plan if the Kerry Wood deal falls through.


The skipper seems pretty optimistic about the Indians addressing the needs of the team. I am relieved to know that Wedge doesn't see a Cabrera/Barfield double play combination in 2009. The next 48 hours may paint a more clearer picture of what team will be taking the field come opening day

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