College Bass Fishing: Athlete Anglers Fish for Their School

Vance PennCorrespondent IOctober 24, 2011

Of course you know who's ranked No. 1 in the college football polls. But do you know which college is ranked No. 1 in college fishing? I didn't think so.

Colleges have found another way to keep young men and women interested in pursuing higher education. Bass fishing has found its way onto campuses across the east and south with the SEC and ACC leading the way while the Lonestar, Ohio Valley, Southland and Arkansas Intercollegiate Conferences have recently joined the party.

Collegiate bass fishing is one of the fastest growing and competitive sports in the US. Anglers compete as teams and singles in competitions across America. Colleges are putting thousands of dollars into the programs to help offset equipment, travel, meals and lodging. Men and women compete head-to-head among the 158 schools currently competing in the sport.

No, fishing isn't sanctioned by the NCAA. But, it is an official sport with scholarships, tournaments and prize money. Currently three organizations seem to be "angling" for supremacy in college fishing: Bassmaster Collegiate Fishing Tournament Series, National Guard FLW College Fishing, and Collegiate Bass Fishing Championships have thousands of dollars on the line at each event.

Oh, and who's No. 1 in college fishing? University of Florida is ranked No. 1 in the National Guard FLW tour as we head into the winter offseason.