Urban Meyer vs. Nick Saban... One Stunning Comparison

Joe BuckeyeCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2008

Meyer crushes Saban in an all-important category. As a BCS-level coach, the "pot of gold" at the "end of the rainbow" is the BCS National Championship. Both Meyer and Saban have hit one out of the ballpark in the form of a BCS NCG victory. It took Meyer three full seasons (and Saban twelve) to accomplish this feat. Meyer may add his second BCS ring in only his fourth year as a BCS coach.

Here's the amazing stat... BCS National Championship Batting Average:

Meyer - .333

Saban - .073

An even more amazing stat:

Meyer batting .500?

That's right, Meyer will be batting .500 in BCS Championships as a BCS-level coach (two BCS Championships in four seasons) if his Gators can defeat the Sooners in Miami.

[Pete Carroll is batting .111 - Sorry Pete, can't give you credit for the season Saban stole your thunder]