The Upset-It's What Makes College Sports What They Are

Curt HoggCorrespondent IIDecember 9, 2008

The crowd storms the field. The goal posts are coming down. The announcers simply stare in awe as the camera zooms in on the one lonely away team fan with his hands on his head in shock.

I'm sure you know what has just occured. An upset.

In a way, it is a beauty that cannot be matched—that is unless your team has just been upset. And it's the upset that makes college sports all the more exciting.

In college sports, upsets occur when you least expect them to. They occur during the games that aren't always the prime time marquee match up. To stay in up-to-date on upset alerts, a fan needs to always be checking the ticker at the bottom of the screen.

In the NBA, upsets rarely occur. How many times will you see the Milwaukee Bucks beat the Boston Celtics? And if, by some small chance, they do win, the season won't be greatly affected. Every college team needs to be aware because each foe they play is out to knock them off of their ranking.

An upset is the most exciting moment in all of college sports. Everyone enjoys watching the hyped-up, anticipated, top 10 match up. But be aware, there is always an upset brewing somewhere.

Without any upsets, there would be one or two top teams instead of a whole gaggle of teams who believe they are No. 1. Those upsets go on breaking news on ESPN and receive the attention for about a week until another upset.

The same pattern repeats and repeats. How boring would it be if the top five were the same all year long? The Cinderella is every college sports fan's sweetheart. They continually make us keep checking the scores, just to see if maybe, just maybe, there was an upset.

So Appalachian State (07), Boise State (06-07), Stanford (07), Fresno State baseball (08), George Mason (06 Final Four), Davidson (08), and all the other Cinderella stories, the College Sports World salutes you.

May the upset live on! (Unless it's against Wisconsin. Just let them win.)