God Bless The BCS (if your in Big Ten Country)

JC AugustineCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2008

For a while now people have been complaining about the BCS rankings, mostly about the Texas, Oklahoma,and Texas Tech confusion to play for Big 12 Championship.

If you’re in Big Ten country, you're celebrating like crazy.

Here's why: First, Penn State and Joe Pa get to go have fun in California against a USC who has been unimpressive in their losses and their victories.

Penn state on the other hand has only lost once at an away against a hyped up and amazing Iowa defense (I say defense because Iowa can't really do anything else).

Second, Ohio State gets bumped up, thanks to the BCS championship contender Oklahoma, to the Fiesta Bowl against Texas. Can't say much about this match except it is going to be epic!

Third, MSU gets bumped up to the Big Ten's number two bowl game, thanks to the BCS bumping up OSU, and MSU gets to play against a team that was ranked number one preseason and since then they haven't been able to stop the running game.

Of course I'm talking about Georgia. Just look in this game for Javon Ringer to break records.

Fourth, is all the other bowl games the Big Ten gets to partake in.

Iowa gets to go to a January first bowl game; Northwestern gets to play Missouri; Minnesota gets the Champs bowl; and Wisconsin somehow got a bowl game due to fan popularity.

All in all this has been one of my favorite Big Ten football seasons because I got to see underdogs succeed, saw giants fall and watched as old Joe Pa' got his legacy.