Winners and Losers for Mid-Season NFL QB Changes

Sam CatronContributor IIIOctober 24, 2011

Winners and Losers for Mid-Season NFL QB Changes

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    Mid-season QB changes are as much of a part of the NFL as beer and hot dogs are.

    Opening day starters start to get queasy around Week 4 or 5 knowing that the backup is chomping at the bit to get in there. Struggling veterans start to look over their shoulder for the rookies.

    Fanbases divide. Sportswriters and commentators debate. 

    Here are the grades for all NFL mid-season QB moves.

Winner: Minnesota Vikings and Christian Ponder

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    For the second straight season, Donovan McNabb gets benched before the season is over. Is this a trend that is starting? Is his career ending? Who knows!

    Christian Ponder looked good. Ponder completed 13-of-32 passes for 219 yards. Even though he threw two INTs, he also threw two TDs and rushed for 31 yards. But don't let his low completion percentage scare you.  

    He ran the offense well and kept the brutal Minnesota Vikings in the game against the reigning world champion Packers. What else do you want from a rookie QB?

Losers: Seattle Seahawks and Charlie Whitehurst

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    The Seahawks made a change because Tarvaris Jackson is hurt. Charlie Whitehurst didn't work for them either.

    Seattle couldn't muster a single offensive touchdown, and they were still a FG away from tying the ballgame with Cleveland.

    I think its safe to say that neither Jackson or Whitehurst are the future in Seattle. They will probably end up getting Matt Barkley or Landry Jones out of this draft.

Winners: Washington Redskins and John Beck

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    Just because the Redskins lost doesn't mean John Beck didn't do a good job.

    Heck, anything less than four INT's in a game is better than Rex Grossman. It was inevitable that "Sexy Rexy" would go back to his old ways and become a turnover machine, so Beck was going to get his shot eventually.

    Beck completed 22 passes for 279 yards with a touchdown. He did throw one interception, but he was not the reason why Washington lost. Opposing QB Cam Newton torched the Redskins D.

    The 2012 NFL draft day will be interesting once again for the Redskins. Will they draft a new QB? We'll see.

Losers: Oakland Raiders

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    The combination of Kyle Boller and Carson Palmer was a disaster. The two threw for a grand total of 15 completions, 167 yards and SIX interceptions.

    Jason Campbell's injury was a tough one to swallow. Right after the passing of Al Davis, the Raiders lose their starting QB who was getting the job done.

    Carson Palmer will come into his own in Oakland, but he didn't even have a full week to prepare. Palmer wasn't supposed to start or even play, but with Boller throwing three INTs in a half, something had to change.

    They will be in the loser category until Carson Palmer learns the system and starts playing like the Carson Palmer of old.

Winners: Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow

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    Lastly, we get to Tim Tebow. Tebow proved his critics wrong and right in the same game.

    Tim Tebow got the Denver Broncos to win a football game. He piloted a fourth quarter that tied the game and won it in OT. He threw two touchdown passes and no interceptions.

    Now, it was one of the ugliest wins ever. Tebow struggled the whole game. The first 55 minutes of that ballgame was terrible football.

    Bottom line—Tebow is still a winner.