Sports Movies: Top 5 You Can Stream on Netflix Now

Brian WinettCorrespondent IIIOctober 25, 2011

Sports Movies: Top 5 You Can Stream on Netflix Now

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    For sports fans who are looking for movies and didn't totally abandon Netflix when they started acting exactly like the type of corporation the Occupy Wall Street people are rallying against, this list is for you.

    While supporting most any sport or entertainment company at this point eventually supports some sort of evil corporation who will strong-arm their own employees in the pursuits of more unneeded profits, Netflix is certainly a lesser of those evils in the bigger picture.

    That being said, those of you who have stuck with these particular capitalist pigs as supposed to others, here is a great way to escape more hours of your consumer based life with some fantastic movies by Netflix streaming standards.

    NOTE: All  quotes are from Netflix.

Honorable Mention: The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

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    Not really a sport, but video gaming is competitive, and the villain in this documentary is one of the worst kinds.

    The corruption runs deep and is as systemic in the video game world as much as campaign finance is in our own political system.

    Make sure you check out the video to see how hard this game really is.

    This film will have your heart seeking justice all the way through the final frame.

Honorable Mention: Kung Pow: Enter the Fist

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    This is more of a kung fu movie as opposed to something like the Karate Kid, which focuses on the sport of karate and is not available on Netflix.

    If this first scene doesn't hook you, then I don't know what will.

The Endless Summer

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    This film's narration is hilarious. It's almost like an anthropological mockumentary on the world's beach cultures.

    Locations include, "wild waters of Hawaii, Australia, Africa and other exotic locales in search of the perfect wave, strengthening their friendship and teaching natives along the way."

    This beautifully shot, laid back documentary captures a thrilling sport with beautifully orchestrated humor.

When We Were Kings

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    Talk about someone who stood up against the evil powers-that-be that run this society! Ali was his own million man march.

    Following Ali's opposition to the Vietnam war (among other U.S. policies and hypocrisies), this film picks up where Ali is facing yet another 'unbeatable' foe in George Foreman.

    In celebration of someone whose most courageous act was standing up to the U.S. government, Ali is the perfect man to be remembered at times like this.

Raging Bull

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    A classic film that shows the dark and masochistic sign of boxing.

    Truth be told, this reporter hasn't seen this film since film school, so this one's going into the Instant Queue.

Slap Shot

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    For those of you who watch today's NHL game and hear stories about how hockey used to be, this film dramatizes the conflict between the vicious and the artistic parts of the greatest game on earth.

    All of that is shown in the context of a minor league hockey team just in the two minute clip attached.

Ken Burns' Baseball

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    You won't believe how much actual film footage is in this documentary from the early part of the century.

    Watching Babe Ruth slide head first into home never gets old. It's really amazing.

    Chalk full of stories, this film reminds you that baseball is a kid's' game, and it's the child in us that resonates with this truly great sport passed down by generations.