Yankees Still Leader in Clubhouse For CC, Dodgers Looming

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Yankees Still Leader in Clubhouse For CC, Dodgers Looming


CC Sabathia has completely turned the free agent market on it’s head over the past 24 hours and he and his agent are probably pretty happy about that. While it doesn’t seem as though Sabathia necessarily is getting very many offers at the $140 million he is looking for, the fact that it seems as though every team is hours away from signing him could help his value tremendously.

This all started at some point last night when Dodgers GM Ned Collette decided to tell the world that Sabathia would like to be a Dodger. Regardless of the legitimacy of the rumor, ESPN.com jumped and it blew up.

But people refused to look at the facts.  The Dodgers do need pitching, but they have bigger wholes all around their infield and the rest of their offense is just terrible.

Sabathia’s market value is very high, his top offer around $140 million for six years from the Yankees, and the Dodgers just don’t seem to have enough money to compete. Even Collette is willing to admit that it would be a stretch.

Then at some point today the Giants seemed to jump back into things in a big way. For the first time they seemed as though they would make an offer to CC But we have been hearing all along that the Giants cannot top five years, $100 million and may be looking at even less.

With Zito on the payroll doing absolutely nothing, they just don’t have the money to pay him. Add that to the fact that they have a good rotation but an atrocious offense, similar to LA, and I just don’t know how likely they are to raise their offer.

Emerging from all of this as the favorite as of now appears to be the Brewers. For some reason, Sabathia would like to pitch for the Brewers and if they were willing to raise that offer to a sixth season he would quite possible accept.

But just recently Newsday has reported they have no plans to raise their offer and it will stand at five years, $100 million.

Then we have the Yankees. Based on money alone it’s a no-brainer. The Yankees offered him a year and $40 million more than any other team has so far. However CC Sabathia really seems to not want to pitch in New York.

Although he told the Yankees at some point during their two meetings this past week that he does not have a bias against New York, it seems very clear he wants to pitch on the west coast.

If they end up this far apart from everyone else I think they have a shot at CC but there is a possibility that a west coast team jumps into it. Although there are rumors that the Yankees are out of it, those have been shot down. I don't think the Yankees are looking to protect his value, so I do think they are still in it in a major way. 

I doubt the Red Sox have a shot. If CC goes to the east coast, it will be for $140 million in New York.  I also don’t think the Angels have a great shot, simply because they really need Mark Teixeira a lot more. It’s possible that Tex signs somewhere soon and that CC takes a look, but the Angels just haven’t shown enough interest.

In the end I think it comes down to the Dodgers, Giants, and Yankees. The Yankees are the only team right now that has a legit financial shot, however if the Dodgers or Giants come up close to New York's level I could see him going there just because he wants to pitch near his home in So. Cal. I just don't see a house in So. Cal bridging a $40 million gap. 

This article was orginialy published at fantasybullpen.com. Alex Geshwind can be reached at alex.geshwind@fantasybullpen.com. 


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