10 Random Sports Hotties: Where Are They Now?

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterOctober 25, 2011

10 Random Sports Hotties: Where Are They Now?

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    In this era of fleeting fame and marginal celebrity, people appear and disappear from the public consciousness in what seems like an instant. 

    Today's big thing is tomorrow's trash, left on the curb to be hauled off to Staten Island. 

    There's only so much room in our lives for hot broads that we don't know personally and new ones are appearing every single day.  Of course that doesn't mean that these beautiful, successful women cease to exist.

    After being a momentary national object of lust and desire, they move on to real life where they are just regular super-hot and successful ladies who aren't in Playboy or Maxim.

    Let's take a look at 10 ridiculously random sports hotties and see what they were doing then, and what they're up to now. 

Amanda Pflugrad Then: Oregon Ducks Cheerleader Gone Wild

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    Beautiful blonde Amanda Pflugrad is a graduate of the University of Oregon and a former Ducks cheerleader. 

    Although Amanda was once featured in Sports Illustrated, it was the release of her bikini party booze cruise photos that really garnered her national attention.

Amanda Pflugrad Now: Reporter with FOX Sports Arizona

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    Pflugrad graduated from Oregon and today she works for Fox Sports Arizona as an entertainment/lifestyle reporter in addition to position as a promotions assistant at Radio Disney AM 1580. 

    Unsurprisingly, is Amanda also a sometimes model and actress.  You can keep up to date with Amanda on Facebook or Twitter!

Amanda Beard Then: Often-Stripping Swimmer

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    American swimmer Amanda Beard is a seven-time Olympic medalist (one bronze, four silver and two gold). 

    If you’re not into watching swimming, you probably recognize Beard from appearances in FHM, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Playboy and those naked celebrity advertisements from PETA.

    Beard was also featured in one of those ridiculously stupid GoDaddy commercials in 2007.

Amanda Beard Now: Mommy Makeover...Still Hot

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    Unfortunately, today Beard is keeping her clothes on for the most part.  She married photographer Sacha Brown in 2009, shortly before giving birth to the couple’s first child

    Beard is currently training and plans to compete at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. 

    You can follow Amanda on Twitter or Facebook if you are passionate about Olympic swimming…or nudity. 

Katarina Witt Then: World-Renowned Figure Skater

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    Katarina Witt is a German figure skater and two-time Olympic gold medalist, taking gold in both 1984 and 1988. 

    Witt was as well known for her beauty as she was her skating and has posted in various states of undress over the years. 

    Fun fact about Witt: She was actually born in communist East Germany in 1965 and grew up in a city called Karl-Marx-Stadt (now Chemnitz).  Very subtle. 

    I’m glad we didn’t rename all our cities after business tycoons following World War II...it reeks of desperation.

Katarina Witt Now: Promoting Munich 2018

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    Today Witt is an international celebrity and, at age 45, is still looking mighty fine.  Witt recently headed Munich’s unsuccessful bid to host the Winter Olympics in 2018. 

    That effort included her hanging out with Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki. 

    If you like busty cougars with friends in high places, you can keep up with Katarina on Facebook.

Ali Larter Then: Darcy Sears in Varsity Blues

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    Believe it or not, it’s been 12 years since Varsity Blues was released.  Sure that’s quite a while, but it’s going take at least another decade or two before Ali Later is ever thought of anyone besides sexually aggressive cheerleader, Darcy Sears. 

    She is Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High to the millennial generation. 

Ali Larter Now: Resident Evil: Afterlife

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    Most recently Ali Larter stared with Milla Jovovich (who has her own iconic role in The Fifth Element) in Resident Evil: Afterlife.

    Larter is a Jersey girl who has worked steadily since her appearance in Varsity Blues, unlike many of her co-stars.    

Ashley Harkleroad Then: Tennis-Playing Playmate

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    Ashley Harkleroad was a professional tennis player who made more of a splash with her 2008 Playboy pictorial than she ever did on the court. 

    Her career peaked in 2003 when she was ranked No. 39 and even after an impressive performance at the 2006 Australian Open, she was ranked No. 86 in singles and No. 55 in doubles.

Ashley Harkleroad Now: Married Mother of One

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    Today Harkleroad lives in Malibu, California with her husband (former ATP pro Chuck Adams) and their son Charlie. 

    She was planning a comeback in 2010, but her effort stalled and she hasn’t competed since the summer of 2010. 

    Fun facts about Harkleroad: Her father played college ball at the University of Tennessee and she was the first WTA tennis player to pose naked for Playboy.

Gabrielle Reece Then: Beach Volleyball Hard Body

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    Gabby Reece and a four-man team took first place at the first-ever Beach Volleyball World Championship in 1997.  That makes sense since Gabby absolutely owned the 1990s.

    She began work as a model while attending Florida State University and in 1989 she was named by Elle magazine as one of the five most beautiful women in the world. 

    Gabby was everywhere over the decade including hosting stints on MTV, ESPN, NBC and a very memorable appearance in Playboy. 

Gabrielle Reece Now: Fitness Mogul

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    In 1997 Reece married Hawaiian big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton and the couple have two children together. 

    She continues to make occasional television appearances, but she’s building a fitness empire which keeps her pretty busy.   

    Fun fact about Gabby: She’s known as a member of the “Malibu Mob,” a group of celebrity neighbors that includes John Cusack, hockey great Chris Chelios, tennis legend John McEnroe and the greatest actor of our time, John McGinley. 

    So very jealous.  Imagine a dinner party with McEnroe and McGinley.  Heaven on earth.

Traci Lynn Johnson Then: Tiki Barber Fan

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    Just two years ago, Traci Lynn Johnson was a sassy, blond teenager whose favorite NFL player was Tiki Barber. 

    As fate would have it, while working as an intern at NBC in 2010, Johnson met Tiki Barber (then a correspondent with the network) and they hit it off. 

    Within months Barber ditched his wife of 10 years, who was eight months pregnant with twins, for Johnson. 

Traci Lynn Johnson Now: Tiki Barber's Her Man

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    Today Traci and Tiki (seriously) are engaged!  Barf.

    Johnson is young and obviously has bad taste in men.  Give it a couple of years before she gets restless and gives Barber a taste of his own medicine—showing him the door for a younger model. 

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Anna Kournikova Then: Bikini Model/Tennis Player

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    Like Ashley Harkleroad, the gorgeous Anna Kournikova is known more for her bikini-wearing career than her tennis skills.  Kournikova had some success in doubles early in her career, but injuries derailed her career and she’s been retired for nearly a decade. 

    Kournikova dated hockey Russian hockey star Pavel Bure and married Russian hockey star Sergei Federov in the early 2000s. 

    Her marriage to Federov was short-lived; she’s been dating pop star Enrique Iglesias since appearing in one of his music videos in 2011. 

Anna Kournikova Now: Trainer on NBC's Biggest Loser

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    Today Kournikova confirms that she and Iglesias are still together, but insists they have no plans to marry; her recent decision to put her Miami bachelorette pad on the market has led to increased speculation.    

    In 2010 Kournikova appeared as a celebrity guest on NBC’s The Biggest Loser where she led the contestants in a tennis-themed challenge. 

    She must have left a good impression because in May 2011, NBC announced Kournikova would join the cast full-time as a celebrity trainer in Season 12.

    Fun fact about Anna: She became an American citizen in November 2010.

Rachel Uchitel Then: Tiger Woods' Main Mistress

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    People often wonder where it all went wrong for Tiger Woods.  Well, stop wondering—Rachel Uchitel is where it all went wrong. 

    It's not nice to point the finger, but we're all disappointed that international superstar golfer Tiger Woods is embarrassing himself (and by extension, all Americans) all over the world, and it just feels better to have someone to blame. 

    How can you not blame someone who wears sunglasses at night and has two pounds of collagen in each lip?

Rachel Uchitel Now: Someone's Main Wife!

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    Since home-wrecking herself into our hearts, Uchitel hasn’t kept a low profile.  She was cast on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice in 2010, but dropped due to her scheduled appearance on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab. 

    Uchitel fled Celebrity Rehab after just one week due to the antics of her roommate, mummified monster Janice Dickenson. 

    In October 2011, 36-year-old Uchitel married 26-year-old Matt Hahn at the driveway of the famed Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. 

    The two had been dated less than six months.  Expect a divorce in less than six months. 

    Fun fact about the Little White Wedding Chapel: It boasts some very notable weddings, including Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward (aw!), Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow (so weird), Bruce Wills and Demi Moore (still hoping those two find their way back to each other) and the infamous Britney Spears and Jason Alexander wedding debacle. 

Lilly Robbins Then: Miami Dolphins Cheerleader

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    According to the Internet and Maxim magazine, Lilly Robbins is one of the hottest cheerleaders of all time.  Robbins was with the Dolphins cheerleading squad for five years and was featured in Maxim on a few occasions. 

    A girl like Robbins attracts a lot of creepers and in an interview with Maxim, she shared a little bit about that.  When asked about crazy fans she said:

    "I had a guy ask me for one of the girl’s game-worn socks."

    Ew man.  Ew.

Lilly Robbins Now: Financial Services

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    Today Robbins is a former Dolphins cheerleader and just another working stiff in the financial services field.  Well, not quite. 

    Recently Robbins appeared in an episode of FX’s gloriously inspired comedy Louie; the episode was inspired by Louis C.K.’s 2008 USO Tour, which actually included Robbins too. 

    You can follow Lilly and her life of absolute splendor on Twitter.