K-Rod NYC Bound...?

Scott FowlerCorrespondent IDecember 9, 2008

Looks like K-Rod is NYC bound....

No, not THOSE pinstripes...

The other team. The one even less relevant than the yankees of late. At least, they have been in September.

Francisco Rodriguez and the Mets have agreed to terms of a three-year, $37 million deal.

What? Isn't that almost...exactly...the three-year, $36 million offer he had from the Halos?


Turns out the market, like the Saves record, wasn't as big to the other teams as it was to K-rod.

I like K-Rod, he's been great for the Angels, and has been a true stud of a closer for us since joining the team and buoying a World Series victory in 2002.

But all this means is no more white knuckle "I can strike anyone out with my Slider at anytime" moments in the ninth of close games, only to have the batter NOT swing, draw the walk, and put runners on and make 'em scary. His newer changeup has been a great addition, but he's still...I dunno. never quite got the ego right.

That's what happens when you win the lottery on your first ticket (2002)—you expect it to last forever.

Good luck in the weaker hitting NL. This season should be great—not as many NL hitters have seen your stuff, and it'll make their knees go all wobbly.