John Fox's Panthers Have That "Super" Recipe

Clayton CoffmanAnalyst IDecember 9, 2008

Flash and dash; thunder and lightning. Call it what you want but the Carolina Panthers have two stud running backs and a ball controlling offense.

The Panthers’ ability to slice-and-dice Monte Kiffin's defense last night was very impressive. Their 299 rushing yards against one of the top defenses was amazing and the emergence of Jonathan Stewart is astonishing.

Remember, Stewart had a serious injury before being drafted. However, judging by last night, it looks okay. DeAngelo Williams, the small-time-school player, looks like Emmit Smith. His niftiness, power, and open-field speed make him look like a former great.

Jake DelHomme, who still sometimes struggles with his decisions, continues to play well enough to keep defenses honest. With the Panthers on top of the NFC South, expect them to wrap up the competition before the regular season ends.