Ranking MLB's Harshest Fanbases

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Ranking MLB's Harshest Fanbases
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

While teams like the Marlins, Rays and Athletics struggle to find enough fans to attend their games to make a minyan, some teams have to contend with having fans that are too passionate.  Healthy passion for one's team is a good thing, and fans in cities like St. Louis and Detroit show the rest of the league how it is done.

Other fanbases have become notorious for their bad behavior, whether violent or just idiotic, and the worst fans give the rest of the teams' supporters a bad name.  Sometimes this behavior stems from the anger of losing, sometimes it comes from the cockiness of winning and all too often it comes from a combination of too much alcohol and too little judgment.

Here we rank the five harshest fanbases—teams whose supporters are so negative, demanding and sometimes downright disgraceful that they give all baseball fans a bad name.   

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