TNA News: Knockout Tweets About Her Unhappiness with TNA, Talks About Side Job

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TNA News: Knockout Tweets About Her Unhappiness with TNA, Talks About Side Job
ODB...mad at TNA

It's not only AJ Styles who has been sounding off about his frustration and unhappiness with TNA management. TNA Knockout ODB (aka Jessica Kresa) has taken to her Twitter account to complain about how little she has been used. Neither Kresa, nor her tag team partner Jackie Moore, have been seen on television since new Knockout vice president Karen Angle reinstated the two. Ironically, the pair got far more airtime as "outsiders" than they did once they had been given contracts and became official members of the roster.

The first signs there were problems came from her Twitter account, where she made the following cryptic post on October 19th: "Im thinkn i need a change and its up to me to make this happen."

While something like this could be open to interpretation, she later RT'd the following remark, which seemed to confirm she was talking about TNA: ": Ever since you got the contract in TNA your never on? What's up with that?"

It is understandable that ODB is frustrated. Upon her return to TNA earlier this year, she and veteran Jackie Moore were involved in an intriguing storyline on television, playing disgruntled wrestlers who were forced out of TNA due to "not having the right look" and had returned with a vengeance. While it wasn't exactly the best or most tasteful women's angle ever (certainly the huge amount of sexist and vulgar slurs that the duo exchanged with Velvet Sky and Brooke Adams in various episodes of iMPACT were deeply disturbing), it was still an interesting idea, and one we can see echoes of in the current Divas vs. Models storyline with Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly in WWE. 

However, with the spotlight-hogging Karen Angle being brought in to rule over the division, as well as the introduction of former WWE diva Gail Kim as her new heel enforcer last week on iMPACT, it seems Kresa and Moore have been put on the bank burner as the booking team turns their attention to other things.

Recently on her Twitter, ODB also confirmed the long-rumored story that she holds down a full-time job at a bar in Minnesota, in addition to her wrestling commitments. 

Long day workn at bar,damn vikings

All done workn at bar headn back to the hood for sum grilln n beer

Headn to bar for a nite of work

One thing i love bout workn at bar is meetin cool real people

This is not anything new, nor anything she has to resort to because she is not getting dates with TNA. She apparently had this job during her first stint with the company from 2007 to 2010 during which she was KO champion several times. 

This should not be a surprise to anyone who has followed TNA news for any length of time. In a now famous story, TNA Knockout Taylor Wilde quit her minimum wage job at Sunglass Hut after embarrassingly being recognized working there by a fan.

In another mildly unsettling story, long-time TNA photographer Lee South offers "custom photo shoots" of several TNA Knockouts (including Madison Rayne, Rosita,Toxine and So Cal Val) on his site. For a fee (usually $350), customers can pick out outfits for the participating KOs to wear, and then receive several prints of the photo shoot, often signed at their request. Bizarrely, the customer also has the option to buy the outfits from the photo shoot after their favorite KO has worn them.  

While no one can judge South or the women for trying to make a quick buck, and certainly the idea is more ridiculous that anything—some fans at this message board suggested banding together, buying a photo shoot and getting Madison to dress in the most ridiculous outfit possible, with one person suggesting a teletubby costume—it is still somewhat troubling, as one disturbed onlooker noted in reaction to this offer: "It's stalker heaven."

One wrestling radio host also expected that the women would be divulged with offensive and highly sexual outfit requests: "What guy is going to ask for some nicey-nice picture for that type of money?" He also lamented that this whole offer "cried of desperation."

One must wonder what people at TNA think of all this. People like Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett are known for arrogantly proclaiming they can overtake WWE one day. While nobody except the most hardened TNA fan buys this, for a contracted performer to casually tweet about having a side job or be forced to do degrading photo shoots for money just proves, once and for all, how wide the gulf between TNA and WWE truly is.

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