Atlanta Falcon's Head Coach Takes Control and Team Defeats Detroit Lions

Frank SpartiCorrespondent IIOctober 24, 2011

Brent Grimes has serious ups!
Brent Grimes has serious ups!Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

     The Atlanta Falcon's are now in position to win games because head coach Mike Smith has decided to exert control over his Offensive and Defensive Coordinators. It took six games and became undeniable in the seventh game in Detroit. Hopefully the coordinators' power play will subside and Smith will maintain control after the bye week.

     There are many examples of Coach Smith's influence but my favorite is when he called time to override Mike Mullarkey who was trying to run Jacquizz Rodgers directly at a nine man box with Michael Turner standing on the sideline. Smith changed that in a hurry even though it cost the team a time out. I think Mullarkey got the message of who is in charge.

     Sean Weatherspoon has been used as an effective blitz specialist. His closing speed is his greatest asset. He did miss a key tackle on Calvin Johnson but he was otherwise outstanding.

     It's O.K. if a player makes a mistake as long as he helps the team more than he hurts the team. Two players are unfortunately on that bad list. Garrett Reynold's keeps screwing up and there is no one to replace him. Mike Johnson left the game injured.

    The second player that costs his team more than he helps is Thomas DeCoud. I am really surprised that he has kept his job.

    Finally, something must be said about Brent Grimes. Wow! He out jumped Calvin Johnson to defend a pass. This was a classic David versus Goliath and the little guy won. That was truly amazing.

     With time to heal over the bye week the Falcon's will come back strong, healthy and ready to compete. Mike Smith just needed to take control.