25 Most Useless NBA Players of the Past Decade

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25 Most Useless NBA Players of the Past Decade
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In the NBA, moreso than any other sport it seems, there are players that can just stick around for years and do nothing during the course of a game to really earn a roster spot.

I assume it seems more prevalent in the NBA because there are only 12 to 15 guys occupying a bench, and you can see all of them during the course of a game.

There are hordes of players on a football sideline and 25 on a baseball team with a constant flow of players going to and from the minor leagues.

Meanwhile, a guy taking up space on an NBA sideline is there for 82 games a year, just sitting, waiting for his chance to get in the game, play terrible basketball and collect a paycheck.

Sometimes, useless players in the league are the problem of the guys who run teams. It's hard to find a seven-footer, so guys like Byron Mullens get to litter the league and make white guys look bad, while players like Pavel Podkolzin get drafted and score four points in two seasons.

But what is it that makes a player useless?  

The most useless player to me is the guy that hangs around the league for a puzzlingly long time, plays terrible defense and just stinks up the court every time he takes off the warm-ups.

Sure, there are some horrible players who come into the league and just stink out loud for about two seasons and disappear, but the truly useless players stick around and manage to be useless for the better part of a decade.

If they end up getting overpaid, that's definitely a bonus for them.

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