Please, Can Manchester United Sack Jonny Evans NOW!?

Dhruv VelloorContributor IOctober 23, 2011

Come on, Sir Alex, send him off - Mark Clattenberg has already done it
Come on, Sir Alex, send him off - Mark Clattenberg has already done itLaurence Griffiths/Getty Images

I can’t help but think that Jonny Evans’ performance (can you call it that?) in the derby against Manchester City last night epitomized everything he brings (or does not bring, rather) to the game for Manchester United.

It started with slack, Sunday league marking, leaving 'Why Me?' Balotelli in acres of space when he should have stuck tighter, led to City’s first goal.

Next, a simple, effective pass from Rooney into the six-yard box, which was begging to be tucked away, was gloriously miskicked. And then, in one final coup de grace just a minute into the second half, he let the entire team down when he lazily pulled that man Balotelli to the ground and was promptly shown the exit.

United's players, who were already struggling at that stage, never recovered. The 6-1 scoreline was, even for them, a fair reflection of how poor they were.

But back to Evans. The boy is an accident waiting to happen every game he’s selected for. I’m baffled as to why Sir Alex, in his infinite wisdom, chose to take a punt on him over players like Vidic and Jones yesterday, much like he has done for the past four years.

Because with Evans it seems it’s always only a matter of watch and wait—very much like a certain Titus Bramble, if I may say so.

I fail to understand why Jonny Evans merits a place in the Manchester United squad at all. He’s not the quickest defender, he’s not a great reader of the game a-la Ferdinand, he’s not a dominating, tackling, manhandling beast like Vidic. The only thing he knows how to do well is screw up with consistency.

Time and time and time again, United fans have watched him falter. You would think that experience would eradicate the flaws that all young players possess, but he clearly hasn’t grown up as a player. It's odd, considering that he apparently has nine A's in his GCSE exams or something like that, so he’s not stupid. He just isn’t cut out to play football at this level.

Perhaps in the end it’s best he gets transferred to a club suicidal enough to want to pay money for him (probably Sunderland, then, since Steve Bruce loves rummaging about the United garbage bin, and I’m sure he’d love to see Evans partner—guess who?—Bramble in defence!) My, my, wouldn’t that be a treat to watch them mess up every week?