BCS Rankings: Could Alabama and LSU Hold Rematch in the BCS?

Georgia ByrdContributor IOctober 23, 2011

The Nov. 5 round of the SEC West could be the preview of greater things to come.
The Nov. 5 round of the SEC West could be the preview of greater things to come.Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Does Erin Andrews tromp in heels on the sidelines?  Does Corso’s mascot head still bring cheers (and boos)?  Is Houston Nutt headed for the unemployment line?

If you answered, “yes” to any one of these questions, you’re a savvy sports fan.  And if you're a savvy sports fan, you're most likely keenly aware that it’s possible that a No. 1-ranked LSU could face a rematch with No. 2 Alabama at the BCS National Championship game.

Stranger things have happened—like Saturday night when Tommy Tuberville’s unranked Texas Tech team slammed No. 3 Oklahoma in the hunt with no losses, setting up the shallow waves of a perfect storm for a Bama/LSU rematch.

How could it be?  It's not rocket science.  Let's start with the collision Nov. 5 in Tuscaloosa.  One team will lose.

But hey, these are two teams whose stats are so close at this point that it’s scary—presently four one-hundredths of a point!  Both teams play powerhouse, NFL-style, brawl-in-the-mud, brutal football. Both have challenging schedules.  A strong one-loss team losing in Tuscaloosa like Bama (or LSU) could still retain their No. 2 ranking if the showdown in T-town in a close one.

It’s all about losing…oh, and winning, too.  Oklahoma State (No. 3) would have to lose.  Clemson (No. 5) would have to lose.  Stanford (No. 6) would have to lose.  And even if Boise State (No. 4) remained unbeaten, chances are a one-loss Alabama or LSU team would be ranked higher based on several factors, including strength of schedule.

It’s a fact.  There will be some one-loss teams ranked ahead of Boise, if Boise (as expected) remains undefeated.  But will those one-loss teams be viable national championship contenders?  Probably not.  And in the words of one sportscaster, if Alabama and LSU are worthy of being ranked No. 1 and No. 2, after they’ve played 15 weeks of football, there could be a rematch in New Orleans.

Yes, it all comes down to the challenge.  And right now, the challenge is in the SEC.

Bets are on and although the odds for a rematch are slim, a rematch of Alabama and LSU makes for some interesting dialogue. 

Thank you, Tommy Tuberville.