WWE Vengeance 2011 Results: What We Learned from The Miz and R-Truth's Victory

Joe M.Correspondent IOctober 23, 2011

It's been a while since a tag team match of this magnitude took place at a pay-per-view.  WWE revolves around the singles division and usually a tag team match featuring main eventers only headlines Raw or Smackdown to build up two different singles matches at an upcoming pay-per-view.

It would probably be generally true to say most fans were excited to see this match going into Vengeance tonight.  The match itself didn't disappoint, but in what has lately become true WWE fashion, it was all about what happened after the bell rang.

Since late July, Triple H, Kevin Nash, and CM Punk have had quite the three-way rivalry going on. That is to say, it has been mildly confusing to follow and has gone in a few directions.  

It seemed as though that storyline was ending and Triple H and CM Punk has aligned themselves to start a feud with The Miz and R-Truth.  After Vengeance, not so much.

The Kevin Nash vs. Triple H vs. CM Punk storyline met the Triple H/CM Punk vs. R-Truth/The Miz storyline.

There are a few directions WWE can go from here, although it seems like Triple H will feud with Kevin Nash, but one CM Punk can't feud with both The Miz and R-Truth and given the way the match ended, there must be more to that storyline.

The bottom line is that it's difficult to see where WWE goes from here because the tag team match at Vengeance was just used to put over Kevin Nash, and The Miz and R-Truth's victory doesn't mean much at all.

In an attempt to do justice to the title of this article, though, it is safe to say that at the very least, we learned that WWE intends to keep R-Truth in the main event and this most likely will not just be a short stint at the top.