WWE Vengeance 2011: The Fire Still Burns as Beth Phoenix Retains!

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIOctober 23, 2011

The power of Phoenix cannot be so easily contained.
The power of Phoenix cannot be so easily contained.

I knew she could do it!

Your very own Beth Phoenix successfully defeated Eve Torres via the "Glam Slam" and made sure the Divas championship remained safe in the hands of the Sisters of Destruction.

Just prior to the match, Kelly Kelly was sharing her thoughts on the match until she was interrupted by Beth, Natalya and curiously enough, the Bella Twins. It hit me then..Beth Phoenix is truly a beast!

She just easily picked up little K2 and held her up on the wall. This is what we need to see in the Divas division. That is how you book the Sisters of Destruction/Salvation. No more speeches, no more Barbie doll make overs.

I want dominance! 

If booked right, this could be the start of a great angle involving Beth Phoenix and Natalya. Both should be allowed to decimate all competition until finally, Kharma returns. You shouldn't place all you hopes on her alone, though. 

On a side note...did you really expect Eve Torres to be the first Diva to hold the championship on three separate occasions?

That honor should be for someone who really made an impact as champion and since Michelle McCool is retired, it leaves only one other person possible.


The former two-time champion has been away for a few months recovering from abdominal surgery and could be returning soon as a much-needed "face" challenger for the Glamazon.

She held the title longer than any other and during her reign, the action was actually interesting because let's face it, Maryse is a great athlete and character. A turn could do wonders for her career, not to mention getting into a program with Beth and the Divas championship.

What about Tamina? Didn't she say Vickie Guerrero offered to take her in her stable? What side is she really on?

I like Jimmy Snuka's daughter. I don't think we got a really good look at what she can do. The woman is huge and could really take it to Nattie and Beth for a few months. She could be one to join them as well...that would certainly not look good for the other girls, methinks.

Imagine, Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Tamina coming together with Vickie the Cougar...Roar! Best ladies' stable ever!

In any real case, the title is secure around the waist of the powerful "sisters" and should be given a chance to regain some lost luster. Preventing it from switching hands for a while is the way to go, just like re-establishing the Glamazon as the most dominant Diva in the WWE.

There is still hope for the Division. The fire burns bright and red-hot...we cannot turn away now.