Albert Pujols Free Agent News: Best Offer All 30 Teams Could Make the Slugger

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IOctober 24, 2011

Albert Pujols Free Agent News: Best Offer All 30 Teams Could Make the Slugger

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    When Albert Pujols becomes a free agent this winter, he will be one of the most sought after player to ever hit the market. Teams will be lining up to throw money at Pujols, but there is the question of how much each team could realistically spend.

    There are a number of teams who will not even be making offers to Pujols. They already have a top flight first baseman or they simple can't afford Pujols because he would take up such a large percentage of their budget.

Arizona Diamondbacks

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    Offer: five years, $90 million

    There is little to no chance that the Arizona Diamondbacks would sign Albert Pujols. They have a hole at first base, but they seem willing to give Paul Goldschmidt a chance to fill it.

    Arizona could make an offer to Pujols, but it would not be one that he would seriously entertain. There is no chance that ends up in the desert.

Atlanta Braves

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    Offer: five years, $100 million

    There is certainly a chance that the Atlanta Braves would entertain trying to sign Albert Pujols. However, they do have a promising young first baseman of their own in Freddie Freeman.

    Atlanta would also have to try to move Derek Lowe if they were going to be able to make a legitimate offer to Pujols.

Baltimore Orioles

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    Offer: six years, $150 million

    Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos is willing to spend money to make his team better. His only problem is that big name players have not wanted to come to Baltimore when there are similar offers on the table.

    If there is a mystery team in the bidding this winter, it is likely that it could be the Orioles. They may only be used to drive up the price, but Baltimore will certainly be interested.

Boston Red Sox

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    Offer: seven years, $175 million

    While the Boston Red Sox already have one big name first baseman, it is not out of the realm of possibility for them to go after Albert Pujols. If this were to happen, then it would mean that David Ortiz would not be coming back.

    The Red Sox would almost instantly have the best lineup in baseball if they decided to replace Ortiz with Pujols. However, there would be the question of who between Pujols or Adrian Gonzalez would DH.

Chicago Cubs

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    Offer: eight years, $224 million

    There would be no bigger way for Theo Epstein to start his tenure in Chicago than if he was able to steal Albert Pujols away from the rival St. Louis Cardinals.

    Chicago could be one of the most serious suitors for Pujols this winter. Signing him could be a move that reverses the luck of the franchise.

Chicago White Sox

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    Offer: four years, $65 million

    While the North Siders have a chance of bringing Albert Pujols to Chicago, the only chance that Pujols will be on the South Side is when he chooses to go their for dinner or when the Cubs visit the White Sox in their yearly series.

    The Chicago White Sox already have Paul Konerko at first base and they have two bad deals, Alex Rios and Adam Dunn, that are limiting them from spending serious money.

Cincinnati Reds

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    Offer: None

    The Cincinnati Reds have the second best first baseman in the National League. Joey Votto is an absolute star and if he stays in Cincinnati, then there is nowhere that Albert Pujols could play.

    Even if the Reds do decide to trade Votto, they have top prospect Yonder Alonso ready to take over for him. The Reds will be happy enough to see Pujols leave the NL Central.

Cleveland Indians

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    Offer: five years, $85 million

    If the Indians were able to sign Albert Pujols, the city of Cleveland would have a superstar who could possibly replace He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

    There is a spot for Pujols in the Indians' lineup, but the team might not be able to afford him. The Indians have a payroll just under $50 million last year and it would grow significantly if they added Pujols.

Colorado Rockies

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    Offer: seven years, $168 million

    The one big name that the Colorado Rockies have been linked to already this year is David Wright. However, he is not the only one that they could be after this winter.

    Colorado could make a move for Albert Pujols, but Todd Helton still has two years left on his deal, albeit at around $5 million a year. The Rockies could surprise a few people with the offer that they can make for Pujols.

Detroit Tigers

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    Offer: six years, $162 million

    If Miguel Cabrera was still in good enough shape to play at third base, there would be a chance that the Tigers could have had the best corner infield combination in MLB history. However, Albert Pujols would be welcomed to play first base in Detroit.

    The Tigers could simply move Cabrera to DH, but that would mean that they would need to move Victor Martinez back to catcher which is a very unlikely scenario. Detroit has had payrolls of over $130 million in the past and they could be willing to go that high again if it meant getting Albert Pujols.

Houston Astros

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    Offer: None

    There is no way that the Houston Astros will be able to sign Albert Pujols. The team's management will likely not even entertain making him an offer.

    Houston was in a rebuilding mode this season and it will continue during the 2012 season. They will be looking to dump salary, not add it.

Kansas City Royals

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    Offer: None

    Kansas City has one of the most promising young players in baseball. Eric Hosmer looks like he will be the Royals future at first base. If this were a few years down the line when the Royals should be very competitive, it would have been possible to see them break the bank on Pujols.

    Signing Pujols would require the Royals to almost double the $38 million payroll that they had this season. That is not a possibility.

Los Angeles Angels

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    Offer: seven years, $182 million

    The Los Angeles Angels will already have a bit of a logjam at first base with Mark Trumbo and the return of Kendrys Morales. However, that does not preclude them from going after Albert Pujols.

    Los Angeles would find a way to fit Pujols into their lineup if they are able to sign him. They can trade one either Trumbo or Morales and have the other one DH.

Los Angeles Dodgers

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    Offer: four years, $75 million

    If the Dodgers were not going through financial issues, they would have been one of the favorites to make a big offer to Albert Pujols. However, since the team has filed for bankruptcy, there is not much that they can offer to the slugger.

    Instead, the Dodgers will have to watch the bidding from the sidelines. They will have a hard enough time trying to retain their own players.

Miami Marlins

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    Offer: four years, $75 million

    The Miami Marlins want to make a big splash when they move into their new stadium. They have already drawn some attention when they unleashed their new logo.

    However, bringing in a prime-time player would do much more for the franchise. Unfortunately, Albert Pujols is likely a bit out of the Marlins price range.

Milwaukee Brewers

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    Offer: seven years, $190 million

    Would there be any better way for the Milwaukee Brewers to overcome the possible loss of Prince Fielder than by singing Albert Pujols?

    The slugger is one of a few first baseman in the league that is better than Fielder. Bringing in Pujols would make Milwaukee one of the World Series favorites in 2012.

Minnesota Twins

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    Offer: five years, $95 million

    The Minnesota Twins have the first base position filled by two high paid players for the next few years. Justin Morneau has two years left on his deal and it is likely that Joe Mauer will be the player that replaces him.

    Albert Pujols could be brought in and one of those players could become a DH, but that does not seem to be a likely option.

New York Mets

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    Offer: seven years, $175 million

    While the Wilpon's lawsuit has certainly impacted the New York Mets finances, there is still a chance that they can sign Albert Pujols. Their payroll will be nowhere near the $142 million range that it was in 2011.

    After their players go through arbitration, the Mets' payroll should be around $80 million. The Mets could just throw money at Albert Pujols even though they have Ike Davis. If they sign Pujols, it means that there is no chance that Jose Reyes will be back.

New York Yankees

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    Offer: 10 years, $300 million

    If Albert Pujols is going to get $300 million this winter, the team that will be paying him will be the New York Yankees. Even though the Yankees already have Mark Teixeira at first base, they would be willing to sign Albert Pujols.

    The Yankees could make Pujols their only target this winter and if they want him that badly, then they will offer him whatever it takes to bring him in.

Oakland Athletics

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    Offer: None

    The whole Moneyball approach involves not spending a lot of money and find undervalued players. With the bidding war for Albert Pujols, he will fall into neither of these categories for the Athletics.

    Oakland will be sitting on the sidelines for the Albert Pujols sweepstakes. They will look for other ways to improve their team this winter.

Philadelphia Phillies

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    Offer: six years, $140 million

    The Philadelphia Phillies may be without a starting first baseman to begin 2012, but that does not mean that they will be going after Albert Pujols.

    Philadelphia may already be regretting the Ryan Howard deal and they will not be giving even more money to another first baseman. If the Phillies did decide to open the bank, they could make a big offer.

Pittsburgh Pirates

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    Offer: seven years, $144 million

    While Pittsburgh seems like a highly unlikely destination for Albert Pujols, that does not mean that the Pirates will not try to sign him this winter.

    The Pirates need a first baseman and they have shown a willingness to spend money in the past. The only problem is they don't have enough money to match what Pujols will demand.

San Diego Padres

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    Offer: four years, $75 million

    San Diego Padres fans may be dreaming of seeing Albert Pujols wearing their team's jersey, but the reality of the situation is that the only way that can happen is if they are playing MLB 2K11.

    The team simply does not have the resources to afford Pujols. They instead will have Anthony Rizzo playing first.

San Francisco Giants

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    Offer: seven years, $200 million

    There has been talk that the San Francisco Giants might move Buster Posey to first base next season, but they would have no problem leaving him behind home plate if they were to bring in Albert Pujols.

    San Francisco has the finances to make a move for Albert Pujols. He would instantly make their lineup better and the team could be better than the 2010 one which won the World Series.

Seattle Mariners

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    Offer: six years, $156 million

    The Seattle Mariners could be one of the more surprising teams that get involved in the bidding for Albert Pujols. They will have only $60 million committed to players after the departures of Carlos Silva and Milton Bradley as well as arbitration raises for a few players.

    Seattle could come in with a big offer. However, the Mariners will likely need to spend extra money to convince Pujols to play in Seattle.

St. Louis Cardinals

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    Offer: nine years, $255 million

    Albert Pujols is obviously a tremendous baseball player, but his value to the city of St. Louis extends beyond that. He has become an important figure in the community.

    The St. Louis Cardinals have more reasons to sign Albert Pujols than any other team. Cardinals fans will be devastated if Pujols leaves, especially if the goes to the rival Chicago Cubs.

Tampa Bay Rays

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    Offer: five years, $95 million

    The Tampa Bay Rays have employed a strategy of locking up players to long term deals while they are young so that they get a discounted rate for their services. They will not be getting any discounts for Albert Pujols.

    If the Rays signed Pujols, the balance of power in the AL East would certainly shift. However, they do not have enough money to make a move like this.

Texas Rangers

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    Offer: eight years, $224 million

    It is hard to imagine what the Texas Rangers' lineup would look like with Albert Pujols in it. They already have one of the best offenses in the MLB and signing Pujols would make it down right scary.

    Pujols could put up massive numbers in Arlington. The Rangers are not afraid to spend money and could be one of the finalists for Pujols. They would need to move Michael Young to make something happen.

Toronto Blue Jays

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    Offer: six years, $165 million

    The Toronto Blue Jays should be a team to keep an eye on this winter. They will likely try to make a move for one of the big name free agents on the market.

    While their chances of signing Albert Pujols are relatively low, that does not mean that the team cannot make a big offer for him.

Washington Nationals

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    Offer: seven years, $182 million

    Last year the Washington Nationals made a big splash when the signed Jayson Werth to a mega-deal. The Nationals could break the bank once again for Albert Pujols.

    There would be the added benefit of having Pujols act for a mentor for a young and somewhat immature Bryce Harper once he reaches the majors. It would also make the Nationals a contender sooner rather than later.