Milwaukee Brewers: In the News (Dec. 9)

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2008

Brewers News

- The Brewers signed reliever Todd Coffey to a one-year deal. The base salary will be $800,000 with a possible $200,000 additional in bonuses.

- Mike Lamb is very close to signing a deal with the Brewers.

Rumors and Speculation

- Doug Melvin met with CC Sabathia’s agents today during day one of this year’s Winter Meetings. Melvin states that the Brewers are still in the running to sign CC, but in usual Melvin fashion falls short of any details.

- Melvin will likely have to include an opt-out clause after two or three years and/or a sixth year to get a deal done with CC. Jared did a pretty good job at analyzing this possibility on an earlier post today. More here.

- CC met with Yankees GM Brian Cashman for the second straight day Monday.

- Is it time for the Yanks to give up on Sabathia? This blog references a NY Daily News article that states CC’s agent is “dead” if the Yanks pull their offer. I love the arrogance of the Yankees, their fans and the New York media. Douches.

- Ben Sheets also met with the Yankees Monday.

- Dodgers GM Ned Colletti says CC wants to be a Dodger. a) Why would CC tell any team that at this point? b) If he did tell Colletti that, why would Colletti make it public?

- Someone posted on that the Braves are reportedly interested in trading for Corey Hart. Though many fans are down on Hart for his horrible second half, I really don’t think the Brewers are. I don’t see what the Braves could offer Melvin and the Brewers to get that deal done.

- Bleacher Report thinks Peavy and the Brewers are a great match. I guess I wouldn’t disagree, but it’s pretty apparent he wants nothing to do with the Brewers.

- Here are some interesting predictions for this years Winter Meetings. He sees the Brewers shipping Alcides Escobar and Angel Salome to the Padres for Jake Peavy. I don’t understand why people keep linking Peavy to the Brewers. I don’t see him waiving his no-trade clause to go to the Brewers. I guess Peavy could change his mind, but even if he does, I don’t see the Brewers moving Escobar.

- Craig Counsell’s agent is making a pitch to the Royals.

N.L. Central

- Apparently, the Cubs remain the only team that are in talks with the Padres about aquiring Cy Young pitcher Jake Peavy. This would make the Cubs rotation unbelievable, but I just don’t see how the Cubs would have the pieces necessary to get the deal done. I certainly hope they don’t.

- Cubs file for bankruptcy. Tits.

- The bankruptcy will not affect the Cubs. Un-tits.

- The Cardinals are apparently serious about going after Burnett. Good luck...not.

-Viva El Birdos, a Cardinal blog, analyzes multiple pitching possibilities.

- The Astros have reportedly claimed RHP Jeff Fulchino off waivers from the Royals.

Other News

- The Giants have offered Derrick Turnbow a non-garanteed contract. Good for him.

- What’s in Milwaukee’s Secret Stadium Sauce?